How to be a Savvy Bride

If you’re feeling a little on edge about the cost of weddings, don’t panic! It’s completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when you start getting those supplier quotes in. Couples can often get fixated on the prices and end up compromising on areas of their wedding day that perhaps they’d rather not. We been chatting to the team at Guides for Brides all about how you can find ways to keep calm during your planning, stay within your budget and find ways to incorporate everything you want for your wedding.


Get on Pinterest

A great way to follow trends and gather inspiration for your big day is on one of our favourite platforms; Pinterest. If you don’t have it already, download it today. It will very quickly become your best friend. Save your favourite images to give you some inspiration and organise it all in a series of boards for you to go back to. You can even share your ideas or tips for other couples to see. Plus it’s free!

Stay organised

Staying savvy definitely comes down to being organised. Know your overall budget and know what you’re willing to spend on each element. You might find once you get quotes from suppliers that you actually need to allow more in the budget for certain things and less for others. It will help you decide what elements are the most important to you as well if you’re a bit strapped for cash. Spreadsheets are the easiest option, but if they fill you with dread why not sign up to the free online Guides for Brides Wedding Planner. You can work through a checklist to keep you on track, manage your suppliers and quotes, organise a guest list and table plan, all while managing your budget!



Other people’s weddings

Sounds cheeky, no? But we all do it. We love looking at other people’s weddings, seeing what worked for them or what wedding dress they had. Plus these couples are the ones that have invaluable advice and recommendations – they’ve been through it the whole process after all. Take a look at the Guides for Brides Real Weddings features for all the inspiration and advice you’ll need.

Launch your personal wedding website

A massive trend recently is the wedding website, where couples can launch their own site to send out to their guest list. You can even do this by email to save on paper invites. Add your engagement story for your guests to read, collect your RSVPs, share the wedding menu and order of the day, all in one place. Techy and trendy!

Wedding fairs are your friend

Whilst the thought of hundreds of brides in one room might seem a little daunting, wedding fairs are your friend. The suppliers who attend these want to help you and have all the knowledge and expertise you need to create the wedding of your dreams. It gives you a chance to chat to them and get some advice, and quite often they have deals on wedding fair days exclusive to attendees. What’s not to love?

So before you start to panic, sit back and take a breath. Wedding planning is a unique experience and there’s always a way to create your dream wedding, no matter what your budget.

Head to the Guides for Brides website here for some more wedding planning tips.