How To Choose That Perfect Wedding Outfit

Choosing an outfit to wear to a wedding can be difficult. We all know the classic (and most important) rule for wedding guests: don’t wear white (or cream/ivory) to a wedding that isn’t your own. But what else should you keep in mind while attending someone else’s wedding? You don’t want to stand out too much by being over or underdressed. Usually, the couple will include some hints on what to wear. You can normally determine what to wear by the location of the wedding.

For example, if you’re attending an outdoor wedding at a golf course or a beach, you want to keep in mind to not wear thin heels that will be hard to walk in. Or if you’re attending an evening wedding that happens to be outdoors, you’ll want to make sure to wear or bring something warm. In addition, it’s important to also recognise that many cultural norms for wedding attire are different.

The bride and groom may include verbiage about the type of wedding they’re having. Generally speaking, the couple’s invite should set the tone for the event but they may also put dress guidelines on the invitation such as black tie, semi-formal, or cocktail attire.

Here are some options and what they mean:

– Black tie invited or black tie optional is a cue to guests that the men should be in a tuxedo or dark suit, and the ladies should wear an evening gown or formal dress.

– Semi-Formal indicates that the men should be in a suit or jacket and the ladies should be in an elegant dress or dressy suit.

– Cocktail Attire indicates that the men should wear a dark suit and the ladies a pretty cocktail dress.

– Casual Attire indicates that the men should wear nice pants and a collared shirt and the ladies may wear a simple dress or nice trousers.

Some extra tips to think about when deciding on or designing the dress you’ll wear to a friends’ wedding:

1. Opt for solid colours or simple patterns so that you don’t clash with those around you. Even if you’re not in the bridal party, you’ll still want to be photo ready throughout the event.

2. Find or create something you’re comfortable in. Keep in mind where the ceremony is, the time of day the wedding is, and if there may be dancing or outdoor games. Make sure not to wear something too tight or too short.

3. If you’re attending the wedding with family, wear colours that go well together so you can get a family photograph.

4. Do not wear excessive sequins or “bling”. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself (or away from the bride).

5. Keep it modest (or at least not too revealing).

We hope these tips and tricks have helped you feel more confident in choosing what you’ll wear to your next wedding. We’d love to help you design and create the dress for your next event!

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