How To Choose Your Wedding Cake

The question has been popped, the date has been set and the save-the-dates have been sent, what next? There are a multitude of things to think of when planning your big day, the dress, the venue, the seating plan and the tastiest aspect: the cake. Most couples want to jump straight into cake shopping, but often it’s good to get a few other aspects ironed out first to help when designing your cake.

The Venue

Where and when you get married can influence the cake in a number of ways. Are you getting married in the middle of summer? Perhaps on the cusp of spring or even in the dead of winter? A cake should reflect not only the time of year but also the venue. A summer, outdoors wedding could call for a fruity naked wedding cake whereas a spring wedding in a country house could suit a delicate Chateau Macaron. 


The Dress

One of the biggest choices for any bride is her dress, so why not choose a cake that reflects the style you’ll be wearing? Perhaps you’ve chosen a lace dress, opt for a delicate White Stencil cake to compliment the elegance of your outfit. A layered dress with a full skirt would match our beautiful White and Dark Profiterole Mountain, decorated with a wavy chocolate sheet arranged around a profiterole tower.

golden flower profiterole-432x432

The Guests

You want to have a cake that will feed all your guests on the day, so the size of the cake matters. Before ordering your cake make sure you have a rough idea of the number of guests you’ll be inviting so we can help you choose the right size. If you’re catering for a large number of guests the choice of multiple tiers will help feed hungry mouths, or perhaps for an intimate wedding two tiers will be perfect.

wedding tube-432x432

The Flavour

A traditional wedding cake is often made of fruit cake, but wedding cakes can come in all different flavour combinations. We have a range of flavours to choose from; we love our vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, red velvet, and our carrot cake. Each one is mouth-wateringly delicious and they go well together as well as on their own. Picking the filling and the icing flavours are also paramount to the success of the cake. Remember, it’s your day – it’s got to be a cake you would love to eat again and again!

Here at Caffe Concerto we will help take the ease off your mind as to the choice of a wedding cake. We can walk you through our beautiful selections, the sizing and pricing, as well as the all-important taste. Discover our selection of wedding cakes here and meet us on stand H17 at Excel London.