How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes By Bridal Shoe Experts

As wedding shoe experts, Bella Belle gets asked all the time on their top tips and tricks in picking the perfect wedding shoes. Known as the ‘Prettiest 12-hour wedding shoes’ on Instagram, Bella Belle provides exquisite handcrafted wedding shoes with attention to detail and extra soft cushion padding — you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds! As a bride, feeling comfortable, confident and pain-free is so important, so it’s no surprise that they are the most coveted bridal shoes worldwide.

Bella Belle provides personalized styling and sizing consultation via their website and social media for brides who are not sure where to start. Plus, they offer FREE express shipping worldwide for a hassle-free shopping experience. Be sure to follow Instagram and Tik Tok for more expert wedding advice and the latest wedding trends.

Are you ready to know everything about wedding shoe shopping? Keep scrolling for Bella Belle’s expert tips on how to choose your dream bridal shoes.

Consider your comfort and heel height

The first thing you want to consider when you shop for your bridal shoes is the heel height that you’re comfortable with. Look at your shoe closet and look at the heel height that you most commonly go for. Is it filled with 4 inch stilettos? Then choose a high heel on your wedding day. If you’re someone that sticks to lower heels or flats, then choose a similar height and silhouette. We don’t recommend choosing an unfamiliar heel height on your wedding day as you’ll be on your feet for 12-hour and more.

Most importantly, choose shoes that are known to be comfortable. Gone are the days where beauty is pain. Now more than ever, brides want shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

Consider your venue

After you have decided on your heel height, the next thing that you want to think about is your wedding venue. If you are having an outdoor wedding in a garden, choose from one of Bella Belle’s highly sought-after bridal block heels or wedding flats. They will ensure you feel secure as you navigate the uneven terrains. If you love the look of low heels or stiletto heels, you can add a heel stopper which will help prevent your heels from sinking in grass. Having a church wedding? Consider an elegant and timeless heel option like Bella Belle’s lace wedding shoes.

Wherever you decide to have your wedding venue, consider the vibe of it and choose your bridal shoes accordingly.

Consider your wedding dress

Have you said ‘YES’ to your bridal dress? Your bridal shoes are next on your list. Some brides want shoes that are a 100% match to elements of their wedding dress. For instance, a dress filled with sparkling rhinestones embellishment will look stunning with a matching rhinestones wedding heel. Others want bridal shoes that complement but are not a true match. For instance, if you’re wearing an ethereal wedding dress with tulle, you may want bridal shoes with a hint of blue for your ‘something blue. Bottom line, look for elements of your dress and think about if you prefer a matching or complimentary look. Consider your personality One misconception that brides have is that their wedding shoes won’t be seen under their wedding dress. That is false as your shoes will peek from under your dress with every step you take. So you’ll want to choose the right wedding shoes that fit your personality. Are you a little sassy and the life of the party? Choose a style that is full of crystals so that you shine bright on your wedding day. Are you a little more demure and love the rising quiet luxury trend? Consider silk wedding shoes that have elegant pearl or bow elements.

Don’t be afraid of color

The most common color that brides choose for their wedding shoes is ivory or off-white as that would match their wedding dresses the best. However, there is a rising trend for color as brides want a pop of surprise under their dress. Some color options to consider are blue for your ‘something blue’, soft and romantic pink and luxurious gold. Fun fact: gold is seen to bring prosperity and fortune to the newlyweds in some cultures! And if you really want to make a statement, choose a sexy black color, bold cherry red or even whimsical lavender bridal shoes.

Don’t forget about your other bridal events

It’s so easy to only focus on your wedding day that you forget your many other wedding festivities, like your engagement shoot, bridal shower, hens party and rehearsal dinner. If you’re choosing something more elegant for your wedding day, go the opposite with a strappy and sexy stiletto for your hens night! Or consider wearing your wedding shoes for your engagement shoot, and re-wearing them again for your wedding day. Choosing an ivory heel for your wedding? Get a colored heel for your bridal shower. The choices are endless!

Don’t wait until the last minute

Once you have narrowed down your choices, don’t wait until the last minute to buy your wedding shoes. When you go for your first dress alterations appointment, your seamstress will want to hem your dress according to your heel height. So you want to make sure you have your wedding shoes by then. Plus, this gives you a chance to see your wedding look come to life!

These are the expert tips from Bella Belle to choose your perfect wedding shoes. Don’t forget to break them in after you receive them so that they mold to the shape of your feet impeccably by thetime your wedding day comes.