How to Decide on Your Wedding Theme: Guides For Brides

 Choosing the theme for your wedding is a big decision! It’s important to choose something that reflects you and your spouse, but it also needs practical. With Instagram, inspirational blogs and Pinterest, it can be easy to get lost in the mass of potential wedding themes.

But don’t worry, Guides for Brides have put together some tips to make deciding on your wedding theme the easiest thing ever. 

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Make it Personal

This step will probably come naturally to you. You’ll find that you are drawn to ideas and themes that are meaningful to you. Try to plan your wedding so that it reflects you and your fiancé. Perhaps you are both obsessed with the colour purple? Or maybe you first bonded over your love of The Hunger Games? Whatever you decide, make sure that it says something about you as a couple.


Get Pinning

The minute you got engaged, you probably set up a Pinterest account and started pinning photos of your dream dress and venue. Use this as a chance to browse through the boards that inspire you the most. Whether this is monochrome, vintage, floral, shabby chic or Disney, these are all amazing potential wedding themes. So get pinning!

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Be Practical

When planning your wedding try to keep your budget and venue in the back of your mind at all times. Yes, a Carnival theme would be awesome, but is it practical? Can you afford to hire funfair rides for the day? Does your venue have enough outside space? It’s easy to get carried away with extravagant ideas so try to look for themes that work best with your price-range.


Look Into the Future

A Harry Potter wedding might sound like a great idea at the time, but try to look ahead and think whether you’ll be happy with this decision in years to come. If you can imagine looking back at photos and thinking, ‘why did I choose that theme?’ then consider opting for a more timeless look. Of course, weddings are about having fun and taking risks but if you’re looking for a theme that will never go out of style, you can always play it safe with an elegant white wedding.

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Think About Your Guests

When deciding on your wedding theme you might want to consider your guests a little bit too. Try to think about what would make the day fun for everybody and avoid too many private jokes that will leave your guests confused. Keep it fun and entertaining so that everybody can enjoy your special day.


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