How to find your perfect bridal headpiece with Nichola Ruby

TNWS supplier Nichola Ruby offer their top tips for helping brides-to-be choose the perfect hair accessory to wear on your special day whether you are looking for something bold and beautiful or a relaxed boho styled headpiece the options are endless! Nichola Ruby explains their top tips for simple

Nichola Ruby is a luxury hair accessories brand specialising in bespoke, couture Headpieces for bridal.
Our catwalk inspired pieces will ensure you look top of your game on your big day.

Here are our top tips for ensuring you chose the perfect Headpiece..

So you’ve not decided on your final hairstyle‚Ķ

If you don’t know how you’re wearing your hair yet, then choose a piece that is flexible, instead of a structured band.
Several clusters of bobbie pins work well across the sections of hair.
Another great option is a hair vine, these can be woven in and around the hair, giving you tons of style options and allowing you to chop and change.

Think outside of the box

You’ve found the perfect piece, but it’s an alice band and so it wont work with your veil, right? Wrong! Many brides think the only place to wear this piece is across the top of your head, when in fact it can be placed around the back to frame the veil or create a statement in itself. With the right combs and pins this will sit securely and give you a really unique look.


Try on something that’s totally not you

You might have planned out how your piece will look in your head, but more often than not it doesn’t work out that way. It’s often the bridesmaids recommendation to try on ‘that’ piece which ends up being the one. Don’t be afraid to try on lots of different styles to gain an idea of what suits you both proportionally and aesthetically.

Go for comfort over style, you can always cheat a little

Many brides want the big statement piece, but realistically wont be able to wear it from early morning until the small hours – the reason being is tension aches.
If this is you then there are ways around it. You can still have that statement crown for the ceremony and photographs but why not have something with less weight for the evening. A halo is a lighter option which can be made with some of the same elements as the crown, this will give you two different looks yet they will both blend together beautifully.


Have fun with your headpiece

It’s not everyday you get to wear a crown, so why let your headpiece blend into the background?
This is your chance to make the most of it and really go for it. If you are going for a more simple style of dress then this is also a great way to get the take your look up a few notches and get some detail into your outfit”.


See more stunning headpieces from Nichola Ruby at The National Wedding Show in London Olympia this Spring!