How to get the perfect confetti photo on your big day

One of the key photos that couples tend to get on their wedding day, is the Confetti photo of course! below are some key tips to ensuring you get the perfect confetti photo.

Decide on confetti colour

If you’ve got a colour scheme in mind for your big day why not match your confetti to it as well? Shropshire Petals have a great Pick & Mix tool that allows you to mix together your bespoke petal combination to compliment your wedding colours perfectly. If you’re not sure what colours will work well together they have a huge range of popular premixed colours and you can grab yourself a free confetti sample on their stand during the show too.

What petals are the best for throwing?

Delphiniums and wildflowers are the best for throwing over the newlyweds as they are the perfect size and weight to slowly flutter down, giving your photographer plenty of time to get the perfect photo. They are also available in a huge variety of colours. Larger petals like roses and hydrangeas are ideal table decorations or scattering down the aisle.

Shropshire Petals confetti

How much confetti do I need?

These days it’s expected for the bride and groom to provide confetti for their guests, that way you can make sure what is used is definitely biodegradable (a must for most venues) and also make sure you have enough to go around. 1 litre of natural petal confetti is enough for about 10-12 handfuls. Just remember you might not need to provide confetti for all your guests as generally it’s the ladies that throw, that said the more the merrier. Try the Shropshire Petals Confetti Calculator to work out how much you need to make your dream confetti shower!

Displaying your confetti

There are countless ways to display your petal confetti, from baskets or pails held by bridesmaids for guests to take a handful, to modern pops filled to the brim with your choice of confetti attached to pews or the backs of chairs. Alternatively, a confetti sachet delicately tied onto your order of service looks wonderful or even designing your very own personalised cones all held together in a beautiful keepsake box at the doorway of the venue. There is no right or wrong way to display your confetti, it’s a personal choice and it can be fun coming up with unique ways to impress your wedding guests.

Shropshire Petals wedding confetti throw

Where and when to throw

Some couples prefer wedding guests to make an aisle and throw confetti as the couple walk by. This gives the photographer plenty of time to get some wonderful photos. It’s becoming increasingly popular for newlyweds to stand in front of their guests whilst the guests throw confetti over the top to capture a photo of everyone together, this is particularly wonderful if you have a landmark to capture in the back of the photo.

Most photographers keep a list of all essential photos for the big day so make sure to speak to your photographer so they know it’s a must! Also speak to your venue as they will be able to give you tips and advice where is best to have your confetti photo. You might find they have the perfect spot at a certain time of the day or year.

Timing can be everything with weddings, but not necessarily when it comes to confetti, you can have your confetti photo straight after the ceremony, or later on in the evening over the dance floor. There is no right or wrong, it’s all down to what feels best for you.

Shropshire Petals confetti cones

See the confetti for yourself at the shows!

The most important thing is to enjoy your confetti moment and smile! Visit Shropshire Petals at The National Wedding Shows this autumn and view the range of petals and display options AND get 10% off order over £50!