How to Include Your Pooch at Your Wedding


Given that many couples want their beloved dog to be included in their big day. Brighton-based photographer, Chloe Jessup who covers weddings, portraits, and family photography across Sussex, has suggestions on how to include your dog in your wedding day photos.

Firstly Consider Your Pet’s Personality

Most people have a good understanding of their pet’s nature. So firstly maybe consider the following: How behave they in a crowd? Do they get along well with kids? Does your dog behave well despite distractions? We all love our dogs but also know their bad traits, so consider the dog’s two closest friends are going to be very distracted on the day. Therefore, choose someone who the dog is well behaved with and who will give the dog the attention it deserves, that way you can relax and enjoy the day, knowing your doggy mate is well looked after. Include your dog in as much of the day as you can. The more they are included, then the less bored and distracted they will get. Make sure they have a good supply of food and water, as well as opportunities to do their stuff outside. Ring Bearer Pooch Ring bearers are a fantastic way to involve a dog in your wedding, as there is nothing more adorable than seeing your amazing furry friend strutting their paws down the aisle. However, only do this if you feel you have a dog that is well behaved enough to take on this roll.

Safety Over Style

If you are going to dress your dog up for the big day, then make sure the outfit is loose fitting and comfortable, as there is nothing worse than your dog overheating or being uncomfortable. Give your Photographer the Heads up It will allow your photographer time to plan some fun photo opportunities and be prepared to capture any spontaneous moments between you and your great buddy. Make sure you include the dog in as many photos as possible, one because he will be happy to be involved, especially with you and secondly because when you look back on all the amazing memories from your big day, then you will be so happy that some of the pictures include your best friend. Let us not forget, they are as much a part of family, as anyone else (more in some cases).


No Dogs Allowed

Always check with your chosen venue that dogs are allowed or if you want them there, then make sure you choose a suitable venue. However, in the very unfortunate circumstance your favourite venue does not

allow dogs, then here are some alternative ideas to include your dog without them being there, that I have seen used at weddings I have photographed. There is a company that will label your bottled beer with a picture of your dog. Have your cake maker include Include a picture of your pet on the wedding cake. Use images of your dog as the signage for your table numbers. On the top table, have a spare chair with a photo of your dog on it.

Doggy Day Care

There are specialist companies out there that will come along to your big day and take care of your dog, so you or no other guest has to worry about it. They will feed it, water it, walk it, as well as making sure your pet is available when you need it.

Pre Prep Pet If for many reasons your lovable pet cannot be part of your big day, then why not arrange with your photographer to maybe take some photos of you and your pooch during the bridal prep photographs. Alternatively, if you would like some photos of the dog and the lovely couple, then arrange for them to do a mini shoot before or after (you will only have to put your wedding attire back on).

Take a look at to see how having your dog involved makes the day complete.