How to look your best in Wedding Photos! Tips from The Fairy Godmother Project

Very few of us love getting our  photo taken at weddings.

Whether you are the bride, groom, or guests you can be sure to find yourself in front of the camera.


To avoid doing a Chandler Bing, wedding photographer and #TNWS exhibitor Zane Karklina from The Fairy Godmother Project, shares her tips to ensure you don’t have to do the dreaded un-tag when your pictures end up on Facebook.



Remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are. Unique. In Love. And beautiful.

“That’s is how I see all my clients. But there are some tips I want to share with you, that you can make yourself believe in what I see already. I truly think everyone is photogenic, given the right magic touches and coaching!”


 Say yes to the RIGHT dress

” It’s all about right proportions… With the exception of a lucky few, strapless necklines can be far from flattering. Try to break the shoulder line with broad straps, choose short sleeves if you don’t want accentuate upper arms either. Choosing a wedding dress that suits your skin tone is as important as choosing the right shape. Stylists are singing wows to emerging trends for not-so-white wedding dresses. Stylists are now using the seasons for colour inspiration on brides complexions.  Only “winters” (think of The Brothers Grimm’s Snow White) will look great in pure white, others would look better in either warm or cool tones, depending on skin, eye and natural hair colour.


 “Big no-no to last minute makeovers”

 “First, you do not need to change anything in yourself to get the perfect wedding photo, but if you still insist, on trying those miraculous promising beauty procedures targeting acne, fine lines and skin tone; here is a message from dermatologist:

 If you are planning procedures like skin resurfacing, laser treatments for wrinkles and ridges, pigment and vascular lesions and even Botox injections, avoid doing them in last 2-4 months before your wedding day,​ avoid any facial procedures that damages the upper layer of the skin in summer month as it might cause a pigmentation or discoloration. Avoid experimenting and testing in last minute that could cause an allergic or irritational reaction.

 Sometimes the metrosexual groom may try something new they  have never done before to get their ideal wedding day look. Be  careful with  experimenting new products, something as small as a little as scrub  can cause last minute damage with no time to heal. Be mindful of shaving rash as well, if his skin is sensitive; use hypo-allergic non-aggressive cosmetics as aftershave care.​

Remember, your last week is for final touches! So sit back relax and give yourself a well deserved pamper!



Yes, we all know when make up is applied correctly it expertly enhances your look. I always encourage my clients to use a professional makeup artist because they will know how to apply camera friendly makeup; accenting colours to match the skin tone, contour to bring out the right amount of shadow or highlight. Remember, blush and eye shadows needs to be applied a bit heavier than normal because the camera has a tendency to wash out the colour. Use matt makeup products and avoid shimmer or glitter,as the camera can pick up shine as white spots.

 To finish, apply translucent powder lightly over your entire face to set the look (to banish the shine for both brides and grooms!)


 “Make pals with the camera and photographer”

 I have a huge level of empathy for anyone who feels uncomfortable in front of camera.The thought of being in the spotlight for the  whole day can be daunting for many. Build a trusting friendship with your photographer and talk through any concerns you have beforehand so he/she knows how to avoid and be mindful when choosing poses and angles…  Over time I’ve learned some tips and tricks to help people feel better about the way they look in photos.

 The best place to start is with engagement photo session to get over the awkwardness of being in front of the camera, so by the time your wedding day arrvies you will be a seasoned pro and can enjoy the moment!

Remember to be kind to yourself, over the years you will treasure your wedding photos and love your looks. Take my word for it.


” Good posture is all you need”

 Try to elongate your spine, shoulders down,  take a deep breath in and out; it will not only make you look better but also increase the level of your self-confidence and you will be ready for the photos. I sometimes wish my clients could see what the difference those few centimeters makes in their appearance – they start to feel empowered and shine!


Finally rest – leave photographs in hands of professionals… Remember to laugh, smile, talk, and just be yourself. This is when you look and feel most beautiful and look your best!

Now you can enjoy your best day ever!”

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