How to plan your luxe festival wedding

Wedding trends come and go, but one that’s been big news for a while is the festival themed wedding. As we enter a new decade, it’s taking on a new form and going luxe. Couples want cool, boho vibes but paired with more elegance and luxury than before. So how can you achieve this for your big day?


Consider your backdrop. Rather than a field, why not go for a venue that gives you elegant spaces but allows you to pitch a super cool tipi or yurt in the grounds? A rural country house is perfect, giving you options to take your drinks reception and ceremony inside if the weather isn’t kind. And it also means that you and your wedding party can sink into comfortable beds at the end of the night.

Dress code

Boho chic is still very much in vogue, but for a luxe festival you need to up the ante. Think about your colours and textures. Lace looks fabulous, but add glamour with sequins, tulle and velvet. White and cream are stunning, but you could go braver and add colour to all or part of your outfit. And for the groom? The same rules apply.


Wild is key. Move away from flowers that are too ‘done’. Think about using wild flowers and foliage. Mix and clash your colours. Use texture – try pampas grass, bracken, old man’s beard and other unusual additions. Consider British grown flowers, not only are they more sustainable than flown flowers, but they will tie in with what’s happening naturally around you. And add to your flowers – feathers are brilliant and definitely nod to that festival vibe.


Grazing tables are having a moment. Beautifully presented, they are an informal way to serve a variety of delicious food to your guests. Sharing platters are still hugely popular too and fit the relaxed but elegant vibe. And then there’s street food, moving from festivals, pop ups and food markets into weddings, street food is fun, delicious and quirky. Think too about the kind of food you’d like, British is brilliant, but festivals are multicultural hot spots so why not nod to cultures you love?


Music is vital to a luxe festival wedding. While wedding music does need to cater to a wide range of tastes, the important thing is to get people dancing. Think outside the box – latin style music is brilliant to fill the floor, modern folk is still uber cool, or you could even consider a Ceilidh. And if you can, get outside, dance on the lawns under the stars.


Go fabulous and OTT. Go big on festoon lighting, net lighting, curtain lighting. Cram tables with candles of different styles and sizes. Use fabrics – macramé, velvet, faux fur. Put furniture outside for photo opportunities. Use vintage tables and sideboards for serving and for bars. But major on a couple of areas, not all, to keep that luxe style entact.

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Photo credits
Venue – Broadfield; Tipi and table lay – JAVA Tipis; Florals – Twisted Sisters, Issy and Bella, Wild Bunch Flowers; Crown – Issy and Bella; Make up and hair: Jennifer’s Dressing Table; Macrame – Hustle and Twine; Photography – Captured by Katrina; Models – Pfion Vince and Joe Brunwin