How to Style Your Groom’s Party

When it comes to wedding planning, kitting out your groom’s party can be a daunting task. You want the groom to stand out and shine, whilst still coordinating with his groomsmen, complimenting the bridesmaids and not taking focus away from the bride.

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The first thing to consider when dressing your groom’s party is the setting and the colour theme. If you are planning an autumnal, countryside wedding with lots of rich colours, you may want to consider a more rustic, robust suit in a tweed fabric to match the natural, earthy aesthetics. Whereas, if you are planning an elaborate, romantic summer getaway to Santorini, you’ll want to opt for paler shades and lighter fabrics to keep you from breaking a sweat.

Many groom’s choose to match their groomsmen to a tee, with everyone suited and booted in exactly the same way. But, if you are a groom that wants the spotlight, an easy change to make is to don a different waistcoat, blazer or even tie to your groomsmen. This allows you to keep your groom’s party cohesive, while still creating contrast and giving the groom his well-deserved focus.

You’ll need to choose shades that work with your colour theme and suit every gent in the group. But don’t forget that your wedding day is special and your suit should be too. Try looking outside of the box with checks, brighter colours and even tuxedos. Whether you choose to opt for something classic and understated, or suave and bold, remember to include luxury in your ensemble.

Now, let’s not forget that the groomsmen are only half of the wedding party, you still need to find a harmonious way to compliment your bridesmaids and your blushing bride.

Don’t worry – this isn’t as difficult as it sounds! A simple way to tie together the wedding party is in colour matching the details. Find waistcoats, ties, bow ties or even pocket squares that match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Choose a bridal bouquet that includes accents from the colours in the groomsmen suits. The party shouldn’t be an exact match, but it should show you’ve thought out the subtle nuances and dressed your wedding party with intent.

Most importantly of all, remember that this is your special day and some rules are made to be broken. Choose to wear what makes the groom and his party feel their absolute best and most confident selves. You’ll have the ties tied around your heads on the dancefloor by the end of the night anyway!