Ideas for what can be included in your Button Bouquet

I have had a lot of brides ask me if I am able to include items to their bouquets, such as sentimental items of jewellery (or buttons).  Personally, I think this is a great idea and am always happy to do this.

So in this blog I wanted to share with you some ideas for you to consider in how to make your button bouquet that extra bit special.

A Button RSVP

How about asking all your guests to send in some buttons with their RSVP? I know some of my brides have written a little poem to accompany the request.  This will leave the guests wondering what an earth is going on, but will be an amazing surprise for them to see. And this gives every guest a chance to add to your special day in a way that can be treasured forever.

This button bouquet was made for Kim, using buttons send in from the guests.

Here’s another button bouquet created using all buttons from the bride’s guests. .



So, we can add buttons and jewellery to your bouquets. How about some material? Perhaps you have some offcuts from your wedding dress? Or indeed from a wedding dress of a loved one?

These bouquets have used the offcuts of lace from Donna’s wedding dress and I created the collars, covered the stems and added the lace as a leaf to her Best Little Man® Buttonhole

In fact, it could be material from anything sentimental. I made a button bouquet for Charlotte. As well as sending in sentimental buttons, she also sent me two pieces of material. One piece was from the nightdress she wore when she had her baby, and the other piece, was from the nightdress her mum wore when she gave birth to Charlotte. Now that is sentimental! I covered two buttons in each of the materials and they were included in her bouquet. Here’s a photo – the buttons are the blue/white stripey one to the left of the bow brooch and another is the pink material with blue spots to the bottom right of the bow brooch

Including Hobbies / Interests

You may love playing the guitar or support Burnley FC… all these can be added to your button bouquet.  Either ask me to source your items or you can send them to me. Here are some examples:

This bouquet was made for Kelly, who is a massive Burnely FC Fan and sent me some of their shields to include in her bouquet (as well as having their team colours for her wedding colours).

Penny wanted her dog to be included, so she sent me a brooch to represent her dachshund !

Barbara sent me an Incredible Hulk which had a sentimental meaning to her.

Cloud asked for a guitar to be included in her button bouquet. I found this gorgeous vintage mosaic guitar on Etsy which she loved.

We recently had the pleasure of creating Klair, from Love Umbrellas Button Bouquet for her wedding.  Klair sent in lots of items, including……. you guessed it… mini umbrellas! These were attached to the bouquet (you can see a couple hanging down at the bottom of this bouquet).

Tammy wed in the year of the 2012 Olympics and sent me a coin to add to the groom’s buttonhole

Sentimental Items of Jewellery

Here are some items of jewellery that my brides have sent in to be included. Here is Sarah’s bouquet, with her nan’s locket attached to the top of the handle.

This button bouquet is named “Alice in Buttonland” and included a bracelet around the top of the stems which belonged to Sam’s nan.

Ashley sent me her nan’s bracelet which I took apart and included in her bouquet and also the groom’s buttonhole.

Siobhan gave me her granddad’s tie pin to include in her bouquet.

Silver Hand Prints/Paw Prints

Another fabulous addition to your bouquet could be a Hand Print or Paw Print of a special person or animal.

Kelly had the hand prints of her children in her bouquet

Zoe had her dog’s paw imprinted into the silver charm and added to her bouquet.

I hope this gives you some inspiration as to what can be included in your button bouquet to make it that extra bit special.