The start-studded couple Kris and Brianne Fade can turn heads and gather attention anywhere they go – whether it’s work, at the gym, or at the local coffee shop. So as soon as they announced their wedding back in 2019, we contacted Brianne to be their wedding planner. Brianne then started following us on Instagram and has been an admirer of our work since then. However, the pandemic had other plans. Just like countless other weddings around the world, Kris and Brianne’s wedding had to be delayed due to Covid.

However, as soon as they announced their revised date as 22nd March 2022, we contacted them once again, persuading them to consider Tasneem Alibhai Weddings & Special Occasions as their wedding planner for their special day. We had already planned a wedding for their close friend Caroline Stanbury and Sergio, and their testimony made us the most trusted planner for them.

We knew that this was going to be a big affair and gather a lot of attention in Dubai. Hence, nothing less than absolute perfection was acceptable.

Getting Started

Kris has been living in Dubai for 14 years and Brianne has called it home for 8 years now. It is their home and the place they met for the very first time, and hence naturally holds a very special place in their hearts. So, planning the marriage in Dubai was a no brainer. Besides, it was also an opportunity for their friends and family to come and visit this amazing city. While talking to the couple, we learned they, unlike many others, didn’t want an over-the-top wedding. Instead, they wanted something chic, beautiful, and modern. Hence, the wedding ceremony was a beautiful plush pink mixed with dark purples, imparting the venue with a fairy tale feel. The reception on the other hand was black and white with gold accents.


The Venue

There are several high-profile and iconic hotels in Dubai. But very few match the grandeur and hospitality of the Ritz Carlton JBR. This iconic hotel has some of the most amazing services in all of Dubai and served as the perfect choice for the wedding ceremony and reception, which were both held outdoors in the lawn area. The beautiful outside landscape had breath-taking and picturesque views of the beach and Ain Dubai and could comfortably accommodate all the guests supposed to attend the wedding. To add to it all, the Ain Dubai was lit up with a personal congratulatory message to the beautiful couple just before cutting the cake.

Planning the Wedding

Kris is a Lebanese from Australia and Brianne is a Mexican-American. Hence, it was important to incorporate both cultures into the wedding.

To ensure the amalgamation of the two cultures, we planned something different for the reception entrance. First, Brianne made her way slowly to the dance floor with a 7 piece Mariachi Band while singing a traditional Mexican song. Soon after this, Kris made his entry to the loud bass of drums and a 10 piece Zaffe band. Finally, both the bands synced up to play some lively Spanish and Arabic songs.

All the decorations, ranging from the invitation cards lettered in gold, the tiered cake adorned with white flowers, and the table centrepieces plush with pink and purple, were just as the couple had always wanted them to be. Also, a giant seating chart was set up for the guest, which was another highlight of the wedding.

As expected, the wedding was attended by several high-profile personalities. These included: Mona Kattan and Hassan Elamin, boxer Amir Khan and his wife, Nina Ali, Farhan Bodi, Michelin star chef Vineet Bhatia from “The Final Table” on Netflix, Joe Melone from the UK, and several sports personalities. Also gracing the event was Ladies of London and Dubai housewives star Caroline Stanbury and her man Sergio Carrallo.

The Most Trusted Wedding Planners in Dubai

We understand that weddings are a truly emotional and life-changing affair, hence we make sure that we execute the wishes of each couple to perfection.

It was a testimony to our quality as wedding planners when Kris and Brianne themselves admired our work and exclaimed, that their wedding was the best they had ever seen or been to. It was not just well managed by also magical and beyond their expectations.

It was an absolute pleasure for us as well to be working with Kris and Brianne. Not only did we plan their wedding but also forged an everlasting friendship with them. They are truly lovely people in every sense of the term