look amazing on your wedding day

look amazing on your wedding day with wedding photographer ELS Design

See TNWS exhibitor ELS Design’s top tips to ensure you look amazing on your wedding day!



It’s the one day you can really feel like star, it’s your big day and getting your make up (and hair) right is well, a BIG deal. Don’t go over board, if you don’t normally wear much makeup then go for a natural look, one which creates stunning flawless skin. Talk to your makeup artist! I’ve had brides unhappy with their trials but this was probably because they didn’t explain what they wanted, or maybe because they just chose the wrong makeup artist. Go with recommendations, I have a few on my ELS Loves page who I have worked with.


look amazing on your wedding dayPrep Room

Choose a room that’s got great light and ask your makeup artist to sit you near a window. Keep the room as tidy as possible, messy rooms can be distracting in your photos. Don’t forget to wear something pretty too, you might feel comfortable in those flannel pyjamas but they won’t look as good as a floral silk robe or pretty dress.

Make photography a priority

The worst thing I hear from a married couple is ‘photography regret’. No one wants to regret anything on their wedding day and least of all their wedding photos. Photography should be the top of your list because it’s the only thing that’ll increase in value to you as the years go on. Photo’s with loved ones who are no longer here or precious moments you may have missed on your wedding day, these are all things your photographer will document and to you they will be priceless. So if it means sacrificing that crepe van or expensive cake in order to have a better photographer… it really is a no brainer.

It really is true, you get what you pay for. Most photographers price themselves based upon experience, natural ability, demand for their service, the time they dedicate to each wedding and kudos within the wedding industry. Those little wedding blog badges you see on wedding supplier websites mean that a wedding blog has featured their work out of many other submissions and it can be quite difficult to get chosen as a photographer as they receive hundreds of submissions every day. Why do we want to get chosen? because it means hundreds if not thousands of people see your beautiful wedding and our work. It’s basically a pat on the back to all involved.

I’m proud to say the first four weddings I ever shot were featured on Rock N Roll Bride (who will be at TNWS show this Spring in The Rock N Roll Bride Collection) , Rock My Wedding & Love My Dress – 3 of the biggest wedding blogs in the UK (and amazing for ideas!)

(Note: a good wedding photographer should always be able to show you a full wedding, not just a selection of their best shots).

look amazing on your wedding dayCamera? What camera?

Pretend i’m not there! Love Shoot’s are brilliant for this. I’ll teach you to feel more confident in front of the camera and you’ll get a better understanding of how I work which will make you feel much more at ease for the portraits on your wedding day. Just remember, I have seen a thousand kisses and intimate moments so don’t feel weird about me watching as all i’m thinking about is how the shot looks, i’m not feeling awkward about you sharing an intimate moment together so you shouldn’t either – I want to capture your dreamy eyes for each other, those long romantic kisses and you laughing and being silly with each other – just be yourselves!

look amazing on your wedding day

Ceremony time

Getting this time right is super important! I always advice no later than 2pm for summer weddings and no later than 1pm for Winter weddings (ideally noon for winter). Why? Lets say your wedding is in the summer and at 2pm and all at the same venue (so no allowances needed for travel time – great!), the ceremony will last about 30minutes. It’s now 2.30pm and you’ll want a group shot, have a breather, a drink and allow guests to congratulate you. It’s now 3pm and you’ll want to do bridal party group shots. It’s now 3.30pm and time for your portraits. It’s now nearly 4.30pm and time to sit down for the wedding breakfast – time flies right! So if you’re having a winter wedding and it gets dark at 4pm we’ll need to have done the above all by at least 3.30pm.

Let go!

Have fun and enjoy yourselves! You’ve been waiting for this day for long time so relax and enjoy it. When it comes to your portraits do the same, embrace this time alone and trust your photographer, sometimes we have crazy ideas to get a great shot and if you go with it I can get some really great creative artistic shots.

Trust your photographer!look amazing on your wedding day

Honestly Wedding photographers have done this hundreds of times (I know, right?!) and i’m guessing you chose your photographer because you like them and their work? That’s right, so having a little trust in them goes a long way to helping you achieve amazing photo’s. I’m not just a photographer, I’m a creative! I want to create images for you that are a bit different, that stand out and that make you look amazing or sometimes silly – so long as you are willing, it doesn’t all have to be completely serious you know! Your day is about having fun too and letting go for your portraits is the perfect way to get incredible images that show you two off as a couple, wether that’s funny, silly, romantic…. just be you!

Pray for a cloudy day!

Ok not strictly speaking but honestly, the sun is not always your friend! Unless you can find shade. Sun makes you squint and creates harsh shadows on your face. Ever taken a selfie before and not liked it because a harsh shadow made a part of your face more defined then you’d like? Thats what the sun can do if it’s directly on your face and when the sun is out your photographer will (should) be constantly looking for shade for your portraits, because shade (and the soft golden light before sunset) is your friend. Shade and soft light softens those harsh lines, and if shade or soft light can’t be found then (if the location allows it) I’ll shoot in to the sun so that it’s behind you. The image below was on a mega bright, HOT and sunny day but luckily we found shade….

My Precious!look amazing on your wedding day

I know that dress took months to find and it probably cost you a small fortune, but after the wedding this dress will probably be dry cleaned and stored in a box never to be seen for a decade or two! Whereas your photos will be up on display around your house for you to look at and admire every day. So don’t be afraid of getting it a little dirty especially if it means an amazing shot of you! When I got married my dress ended up with a small red wine stain, a filthy hem and a little rip on my sleeve but I had a great time acquiring them! and a dry clean and few stitches later… you’d never know! Grooms! no wallets or phones in trouser pockets! they are really noticeable in your photos.


I mean genuinely laugh! After all, thisis the happiest day of your life, right? Roll with it, let yourself have FUN, and I guarantee you will get the most amazing wedding photos in doing so.

For more tips and advice pay me a visit at The National Wedding Show London Olympia this Spring where I will be on Stand G29