Looking For Sustainable Wedding Suppliers?

Introducing Confetti Club London, the not-for-profit charity who give wedding flowers a second chance at life. Their aim is to reduce the waste of wedding flowers and repurposing them into real petal confetti, whilst donating all their proceeds to charity.

How did it start?

Founder, Genni, hated the idea of her own wedding flowers being used on a single day, so grew this initiative to repurpose flowers into something beautiful. When Genni, who works as a Congenital Cardiologist, first started the initiative all the of the proceeds were initially donated to Healing Little Hearts. More recently the profits have been donated towards cancer related charities such as Macmillan, Cancer Research UK and Bowel Babe, while also supporting other charities including Reclaim The Streets and the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.


How does it work?

Flower donations are sent to Confetti Club HQ where each petal is carefully separated and dehydrated. Once dehydrated the petals are created into scented, colourful, biodegradable confetti that is approved by most wedding venues. The preserved petals can then be purchased by the litre as a seasonal mix or bespoke mix via the website and all the profits are donated to charities involved in the care of cancer patients and research into new treatments.

I want to purchase confetti; how much do I need?

If all of you guests are throwing confetti, see amounts below:

  • 80 – 100 guests – 8 – 10 litres
  • 100 – 150 guests – 10 – 15 litres
  • 200 guests – 200 litres
  • 1 litre of confetti per flower girl

Any leftover confetti can also be used on cake tables, to create petal paths, and for table decorations.

See website to purchase your biodegradable wedding confetti.


Can I donate my own wedding flowers?

Yes! No donation is too small or large. Confetti Club accept all donations from large scale events to just 1 bunch of flowers. A single flower bouquet can be turned into £2 of confetti that goes towards charity. Click here to see more information on how to donate flowers.