Making Couture Bridalwear Affordable

Choosing your wedding dress is unlike choosing any other dress. It is one of life’s rites of passage and one of the most enjoyable journeys ahead of your big day. Whilst many brides dream of buying a uniquely designed gown, this dream can be swiftly stripped away once faced with wedding dress pricing.

There is something rather magical about a couture gown from an experienced designer and every bride deserves a piece of the magic on their special day. Fortunately, bridal couture has begun to follow the trend towards affordable luxury. Designers such as Lora Nova are paving the way into accessible couture for bridalwear.

Lora Nova is a successful New York designer who has worked for some of the fashion industry’s most prominent brands and has recently launched her first bridalwear collection in London. Her high-end designer gowns offer that element of magic but won’t break the bank.

“Pricing is an objective concept, value, on the other hand, is subjective. It is essential to understand what a dream wedding dress is worth to a bride-to-be. People don’t invest in products, they invest in fulfilling their emotional needs,” says Lora Nova, “and I can not think of a piece of fashion that is meant to fulfill an emotional need more than a wedding gown”.

With unique design, quality fabrics and dedication to fulfilling every bride’s wedding dress dreams, Lora Nova Bridal is re-defining the landscape of bridal couture. Visit her stand at the National Wedding Show in Excel, London, Birmingham, and Manchester, where you will be able to get a personalised experience of a made-to-measure or bespoke dress at a surprisingly affordable price.