Patchwork’s Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

There are incredible honeymoon patchworks being made on Patchwork on a daily basis, with couples collecting money towards adventures all over the world.

When you’re a bit stressed out about organising your wedding, a little daydreaming about far-flung beaches can be exactly what you need.


Want to start planning but aren’t sure where to head to? Here are our top five honeymoon destinations:


Sri Lanka: 

Sri Lanka


From spotting the leopards in the National Park, to learning to surf on the beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka is full of opportunities to experience things you’ve never had a chance to before. And what better time to learn new things than as a newly married couple. See our Sri Lanka patchwork for activity ideas.


The Maldives:



Pure, unadulterated luxury. Feeling so relaxed you can barely lift your head off your plump pillow. That’s what the Maldives is all about. All you’ll need is a good book and a cold glass of wine and you’ll be in heaven. Check out our Maldives patchwork for inspiration.





For the adventurous newlyweds! Go for a trek through the jungles, see orangutans in their natural habitat, feed the indigenous pygmy elephants, and stay in an eco lodge. If you love wildlife you’ll be hard pressed to find a more exciting destination. See our Rainforest Adventure patchwork for more ideas.


South Africa:

south africa


Beautiful views, incredible wildlife, and luxurious hotels, South Africa has everything you could need. Stay in a lodge in the middle of nowhere listening to the calls of the wild, then head into Cape Town to visit all the cool bars and coffee shops the city has to offer. Find more ideas in our Wild in Africa patchwork.





With its incredible history and architecture, all you really need to do to enjoy Greece is wander around soaking it all up. Beauty is everywhere – in the deep blue seas and the crisp white buildings, the ancient ruins and the olive groves. Hire a moped and see the sites, stopping at a tavern for a fresh Greek salad. For more inspiration have a look at our Honeymoon in Greece patchwork.


If you’re inspired to make a honeymoon patchwork, head over to Patchwork and create your own. See Patchwork on stand L53 at London Olympia 20-22 February.