How to Choose the Perfect Look for Grooms

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The dress, the venue, the flowers, the guest list… often all take priority when it comes to planning your big day. Most grooms leave the most important bit right to the end and often do not pay enough attention to what they are going to look like on their special day. A lot of the time this is because they genuinely have no idea where to start… that’s where we come into the equation!


A simple step by step guide will help you choose that perfect look


1. The Season

This plays a very important role in choosing your suit! If you are getting married on a beach on a tropical island you wouldn’t want to be in a three piece tweed suit, you should be thinking linen, lightweight wool, silk, etc. On the other hand if it’s a winter wedding at a country manor, you want something warmer, with more grandeur such as fine wool, cashmere, tweed, herringbone, etc. Fancier silks, jacquard, intricate embroidered pieces are also an option here. Perhaps you want two separate outfits if your wedding ceremony and reception are at different times/venues!






2. The Venue

The venue of the wedding ceremony and the reception (if different) plays a major part in selecting the right suit! If you are getting married at a country estate for instance, you might be thinking a three piece tweed suit, if the setting is more modern like a hotel for instance you might want to think about evening wear or tuxedos.

It is very important for your look to compliment your surroundings, think of the photographs and footage and not just of your outfit itself, your wedding day should look like it was planned properly and every detail was thought of. These details should be shared with your Made to Measure Specialist who will guide you in the right direction.





3. The Theme

If you are planning a themed wedding then your suit must also match/compliment this. Regardless of your theme, your consultant will provide you a choice of fabrics and styles that will lend to this. With fabrics from world renown textile mills, be assured that there will be no compromise on quality whatever the theme.

These days more than before, it is so important for the groom to complement his bride and vice versa! Always share as much detail of her look (considering you may not know much), so that your suit will not look out of place! Once again think about the end result, your photographs and footage! Also take into consideration what your best man, groomsmen and immediate family are going to be wearing. Again, share this with your consultant who will help build your look with all this in mind.





4. Personal Style and Preference

Having said all of the above, it is extremely important that you are comfortable on the day, if you are not, it will show! Your stylist/consultant will help you choose the right look and fit but if there are any dos and don’ts that you feel strongly about then do let them know.

You may not like double breasted suits for instance or have a certain body type or shape that you feel suits certain styles. If you communicate this with your consultant, they will assist you in finding something that not only looks great, but will be made with these requirements in mind and leave you feeling not just comfortable but more importantly confident on your big day.

Often ignored is the attention to detail in terms of accessories. It is important to finish your look with the right tie, bowtie, cufflinks, pocket square, shoes and even socks…yes, even that will get noticed on the day!




Now that you have read this and will take it for gospel, don’t forget to enjoy yourself as it is your day! Still searching for your wedding suit?  Viggo London offer made to measure tailored suits, separates, and shirts for weddings, events, business and casual wear. Find their exhibitor page for The National Wedding show here.