Picking your perfect engagement ring 

TNWS supplier Brompton & Co give their specialist advice on finding your perfect engagement ring from diamond clarity to cut.


Getting engaged is one of the most beautifully emotional moments of a person’s life. When finding your engagement ring it is important to find the perfect accompaniment and representation of your love together, but we know it’s not always easy. We’ve drawn up some simple points to help lead you along the way and make the best decisions for you and your partner.

Specialists know best
Firstly, it’s worth baring in mind that going to a specialist like London’s Hatton Gardens’ famous Diamond Quarter, rather than a high street retailer, will be more cost effective and those working in these dedicated boutiques will be well informed on what best suits your needs.


Choosing your diamond
When it comes to picking the perfect diamond, remember that colourless diamonds are the most desirable. Make note of a diamond’s clarity, how the jeweler has cut the precious stone, its colouring and of course carat weight too. All of these factors are indicators towards the value of a precious diamond.

Custom rings
Don’t be afraid to explore the custom route. Although it may be easier per se to buy a ring with the diamond and setting intact, it may not quite reach your expectations on your special day. You may find the perfect diamond and perfect setting separately; engagement ring experts, who have been lovingly crafting individual pieces for decades, will be able to custom yours for you, leaving no margin of dissatisfaction.


Stay as informed as possible. Any additional information you may need, ring specialists will have have plenty of in-house experts who will be able to talk you all the way through the process and make sure you understand every detail you need to make the best decision. Your engagement is an investment into your future life together with your loved one.


Get in touch with Brompton & Co and let them help cement the precious moment forever.