Plan Your Dream Wedding On The Go With Hitched

The idea of planning a wedding can feel daunting to many, but luckily for engaged couples, planning a wedding with Hitched has never been easier.

A one-stop-shop for all things weddings, the Hitched app has everything you could possibly need to plan your dream wedding. From advice articles and real wedding inspiration, to handy wedding planning tools and checklists, there’s nothing they don’t cover.

Speaking of handy tools, Hitched have several easy-to-use wedding planning tools that make the entire process so much easier. Ready to find out more?

The Hitched Budget Tracker

If you’ve read the Hitched article on how to plan a wedding, you’ll know that step one is always putting together the wedding budget. As well as deciding what your overall budget is, it’s important that couples know how to break down their wedding budget. Allocating the right amount of money to each part of your wedding will not only help you stick to your overall budget, but ensure you don’t overspend on additional costs, too. The Hitched budget planner gives couples a template based on the average wedding spend, but we know weddings aren’t a one-size-fits-all – so we’ve made it completely customisable. Tweak it to suit your spending style and enjoy *not* going over budget.

The Hitched Wedding Planning Checklist

Quite possibly *the* most useful tool on the whole Hitched website is their wedding planning checklist – a function that will guarantee you don’t forget anything on your to-do list. The checklist has a template with the most common wedding planning tasks already added, but similarly to the budget, couples can add, remove and customise their checklist so it perfectly reflects their wedding plans. You can then go in and tick off tasks when they are done, make notes and even add pictures for some of the tasks. It’s also perfect for keeping your partner in the loop – simply link your Hitched accounts and you can both login and see what the other one has ticked off the list.

The Hitched Guest List Planner

One of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding has got to be creating the guest list. Who’s work colleagues make the cut and keeping numbers down is no simple task, but with the Hitched guest list planner, it’s definitely made a tad easier! The guest list planner allows you to add guests and group them, which helps you to decipher who is an all-day guest, who’s just coming for the evening and so on. It also allows you to add contact details and even message all of your guests to help you communicate. Brilliant, no?

The Hitched Seating Plan

Wedding table plans look so pretty stood at the front of the wedding breakfast, but what they don’t show is the carnage that took place as you and your partner sat down and decided who sits where. Guest list politics can be a bit of a nightmare, but the Hitched seating plan function allows you to easily create bespoke table templates with your choice of seats, meaning you get an easy-to-read visual representation of your table plan which you can tweak and move around until you have the perfect set up. It’s also really easy to customise so as guests RSVP, drop out or are granted plus ones, you can continue to make edits and save it until you’re completely satisfied.

The Hitched Supplier Manager

Booking wedding vendors is something that every wedding planning couple will have to do, and there’s no better place to manage these bookings than in the Hitched supplier manager tab. With the average couple booking more than ten wedding suppliers, managing all of them can get a bit fiddly. Using the Hitched supplier manager can also help you to keep tabs on which wedding vendors you’ve booked and secured, and which ones still need searching for. You can browse the Hitched marketplace of wedding venues and suppliers to find your dream team – there’s almost 19,000 to choose from, you know!

Ready to get planning? All you need to do is visit the Hitched website or download the Hitched app to start planning your wedding on the go, and remember, you can’t get Hitched without us!