Planning your wedding – Flowers

There are so many combinations, types and arrangements to choose from.

Firstly, look at your dress, the fabric, length, colour and design should influence the bouquet choice.
A simple gown looks excellent with a cascading bouquet but a full skirt design requires a more structured approach.
Check which flowers are in season and choose the ones that will be in abundance. This will be easier to source and could be more cost effective.

The meanings of flowers:

Daisy – gentleness
Carnation – Devotion of pure love
Peony – Bashfulness
Lilac (purple) – First love
Rose (red) – love , passion
The above are some examples but they can add another element of meaning in the day.
You may want to included special flowers in your bouquet that remind you of special people in your life. It’s your day so make it your own.
Ensure that you consider the fragrance of the flowers and that you like the smell. If you don’t like the smell of roses, choose another flower.

Artificial flowers

Another very popular trend at the moment is to use artificial flowers. These enable the florist to make them well in advance and you can also keep your bouquet.
If you have fresh flowers, a smaller bouquet can be created for you to throw into the crowd to see who will marry next!! You could then have your bouquet pressed and made into a decorative piece for your home.
Flowers can be utilised to create backdrops, centrepieces, archways, to decorate aisles, etc. Floristy has evolved so much and there are many creative designer florists who can create your dream environment.
Finally, ensure you discuss every detail with your florist. They are professionals and will help and guide you. Show photographs of arrangements you like. Show a photograph of the style of dress. Then contact the florist 2 weeks before the big day to check everything is going according to plan.
 Claire Charlesworth is an accomplished wedding planner. You can contact her on [email protected]