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 After the vows have been spoken and the photos snapped, you’ll settle down to a slap up meal with your nearest and dearest at your wedding breakfast. The wedding breakfast is the perfect opportunity to thank your ‘maids and your groomsmen for their help as well as presenting both sets of parents with gifts. Generally, the wedding breakfast room will be laid out with the happy couple sat with their family at the top table—the feature of this portion of the day.’s editor has stopped by to share valuable tips for planning your top table.

Make Use of Pre-Existing Tools

Table Top Planners 1’s table planner tool is available free of charge

When planning your wedding, you’re going to have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to try to reinvent the wheel and develop your own method or formula for planning your top table. Instead, utilise the trusted and free wedding planning tools we have to offer to get you kick-started with organising your wedding breakfast and planning your top table and all the other tables, too.

 Stick with Tradition

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Create the look with’s Rustic Theme

Traditionally, the top table is usually reserved for the chief bridesmaid, groom’s father, bride’s mother, groom, bride, bride’s father, groom’s mother and the best man. However, if you would prefer a smaller table just for the newlyweds, this is traditionally referred to as a Sweetheart Table and is an easy solution for feuding families or to ensure the focus stays on the happy couple and not any meddlesome, attention-hungry guests.

Mix Things Up a Bit

While there are hundreds of wedding traditions, there is no law stating that you have to follow them.  A wedding should only ever be a reflection of the two people who will be in the marriage. If a tradition doesn’t reflect you and your fiancé, then ignore it! This includes the seating arrangement for the top table and the guests you invite to sit with you on it.

Style Your Top Table with Your Theme

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When it comes to styling, your wedding breakfast should be an extension of your wedding theme.  Ensuring that you can incorporate elements of your theme into your top table is the perfect way of carrying out the theme throughout the day. To do this simply, use the same flowers that appear in your ceremony and the same colours, textures and patterns. You could take things one step further and use the same coloured paper and fonts for the table menus as you used for your invitations and save the dates. It’s a small detail, but will lend cohesion to your day.

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