Prosecco DOCG: The Perfect Fizz For Your Special Day

Research has shown that most of us would prefer to serve Prosecco at weddings over the more traditional Champagne. And no wonder… Whether it’s the great taste, the way Prosecco pairs easily with a wide range of food or simply the lower price point, there are a number of great reasons to delight your guests with servings of this special Italian sparkling wine. And don’t forget that Prosecco is lower in alcohol content compared to many other wines, so it is ideal for a group setting – even if some of the guests are not big drinkers, they will not say no to this fizzy goodness.


What’s perhaps less well known is the range of Prosecco on offer and the fact that you certainly don’t need to compromise on quality or that sense of luxury that comes with Champagne and other options. If you choose the right premium bottle of Prosecco, you will definitely impress.

Prosecco can broadly be divided into two categories: DOC and DOCG. DOCG varieties are the premium option, they are even called SUPERIORE! Prosecco DOCG is produced under very strict guidelines in original vineyards in the UNESCO designated region of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a very hilly and picturesque location between the Italian Dolomites and Venice.

The bottom line is that the price point is still lower than Champagne, but everything from the bottles to the bubbles makes a luxurious statement. This is special fizz for a perfect day.


Once you’ve decided Prosecco DOCG is ideal for your wedding day, there is still a range of tastes and finishes to select from. Do you prefer filtered or unfiltered? Brut or Extra Brut, Dry or Extra Dry? There is certainly plenty of fun to be had exploring the Prosecco spectrum and here is where Prosecco World comes in to help you choose the perfect combinations for your needs.

Prosecco World carefully selects their range of DOCG Prosecco as well as some special DOC options from niche family brands. They can help you navigate the different options, considering your menu, the flow of the day and your personal preferences. You can use Prosecco as a welcome drink, continue with bubbles during the day, mix cocktails in the evening or just a toast. One trendy tip: how about the Prosecco wall? Some of your guests may consider it way more fun than old-school champagne towers.

“The story of Prosecco World itself is a love story. I am so happy to have the opportunity to share these special bubbles with you and I hope that Prosecco World will bring a touch of dolce vita to all your celebrations. Looking forward to meeting you at the wedding fair in London, as I’m getting ready for my wedding, too!” Kristyna Corso, Founder of Prosecco World.