Q&A with St Tropez’ Tanning Expert Jayne Cooper

Jayne Cooper, from TNWS supplier St Tropez, is here to answer all your wedding tanning questions so you can get the perfect bronzed look for your day and avoid those common tanning nightmares.


What can I do before my wedding?

As with all wedding planning, it’s all in the prep! Just add a few simple steps into your daily routine to help you create a good base for your tan. Start about a week or 2 before your wedding. Use our St.Tropez Body Polish every 2- 3 days and moisturise daily to remove any traces of other tan or dry skin. Ensure your hair removal is done 24 hours before as sometime as the balm on razors can create a barrier on the skin and if you’re heading to the salon for a wax, allow a little longer for the skin to settle.

When to have the tan?

If you’re wearing white or ivory, the tan will pop a lot more so allow a few days for it to tone down. If getting married on Saturday, have the tan on the Thursday which allows 2-3 showers prior to wearing your dress all day.

If you are a guest, you can follow the same rule unless you want a deep dark bronze.


How do I know what tan to choose?

Book a trial tan, a few weeks or a month in advance – it’s a great excuse to pamper yourself before the big day too! By trialling out a tan you will be able to decide what works for you – whether the colour is deep enough or if you like the finish on the skin.

Should I pick a different product depending on when I’m getting married?

It is a personal preference and depends on your dress. If it is a winter wedding, you may like a more natural glow so try our Self Tan Express for 1-2 hours or our Luxe Oil for a luxurious golden shimmer. In Summer, you can go for a deeper glow so I would say 2-3 Hours with our Self Tan Express or our Classic format. You can use either our retail range or go to the salon for any of these.

I’m on a budget and don’t want to go to a salon.

That’s fine – you can pick any of our products in store. Our Gradual Tan Range is made for brides in winter because you can build up your desired colour. Our lotion formats are also super hyrdrating so add extra moisturisation into the body which will help achieve a healthy glow. Also with no guide colour you really don’t need to worry about any transfer!

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I love a dark tan, can I have that on my Wedding day?

Personally, I would never recommend a dark tan for a Bride because if you are wearing White or Ivory it always looks darker. You also want to look natural next to your groom or bridesmaids, so think about that when choosing your depth of glow.  Think about the other elements of your wedding too – photographer, lighting, venue as in final photos it may appear different.

Matching make up

If you are going for a tan, let your makeup artist know on consultation so they can be sure to match your colourings and look around your glow.

Adding something special

If wearing a strapless dress or backless, highlight collarbones, shoulders and spine using our 3 in 1 Bronzer to add extra definition.


I have an outfit change on my wedding day – is there anything I can do to mix up my look?

If you want to take your glow to the next level for the evening whether you are a bride or guest, our Instant Tan Finishing Gloss should be in your bag! The no commitment tan lasts for 24 hours and is a great tan to have to accentuate legs and key areas with a glossy sheen.

I’m creating a hen party goody bag, is there a product they might like?

If you want to kit out your hen’s with some golden glow so they can have a quick fix for your night out you have to try our new Instant range. We have Light/Medium and Medium/Dark shades so something for everyone! Water resistant, transfer resistant for 24 hours, it’s the perfect party tan. It’s also been through the gin and tonic spillage testing making it bullet proof for your last night of freedom antics! You can also finish off with our Instant gloss to add that party sheen if you are having a glamourous night.

I’m keen for my bridesmaids to have a tan but they are all different – some people are quite fair and reluctant. Any help?

When picking golden glow for other people one thing to remember is every person’s skin will develop individually. But don’t worry; we have a wardrobe of choice to cater for all skin tones so you can’t go wrong! St.Tropez tan works to your individual skin tone, so someone with fair skin can still go for a deep tan and it will look natural and healthy. If someone is nervous they may like our Gradual Range, to control their glow where as someone who loves a deep tan can go for our Classic. The same rules apply, so get your girls to apply a few days before the wedding for a natural glow.

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You mentioned the groom – should he really be getting a tan?

Make sure you consider the groom on the day, it’s the one thing no one ever asks me but is really important! It’s their day too! Tans are so popular with men these days; they aren’t as shy about going golden as they used to be. But if they are a bit nervous and don’t want admit just yet they are tanning, our Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is a great discreet way to go about tanning as you can subtly build you glow into your shower routine. If they are happy to go for a spray at home or at a salon, I recommend our Self Tan Classic which is a favourite amongst many famous St.Tropez male tanners. If they aren’t keen on the feeling of leaving it on for 8 hours then they can opt for express and wash off quicker. Sprays are great for men as it blends well with body hair and for those who have beards. Just use a soft buffing mitt to buff in for an even coverage.

I want to show off my ring but always get my hands wrong!

You have to show off that ring for sure! Hands are always an area we all struggle with but a few simple tips can make it seamless.

1)      Our sprays are great for an air brush finish, I always use this as a finishing touch even if I have used a mousse for the rest of my body

2)      Remember the claw! Spray six inches away with your hands claw as the mist falls naturally on the skin. Then start your hands to stretch out creases and to get the tips.

3)      Hands always fade quicker so my secret tip is to use the Self Tan Classic Face Lotion as a hand lotion – remembering to wipe the palms and finger nails after any tanning

4)      Apply a pea sized amount of moisturiser on the inside of the wrist to help with an even face

5)      To set off your tan pop with nude, neutral colours in spring or summer.

I’m a guest should I change my tan tactics?

In terms of when to tan, follow the same rules as your bride if you want a natural glow but if after a deep tan for an evening look, the night before will do.

If you want to ramp up the look our Instant range is a great way to add depth to your look, especially if you are wearing a short dress.

If you are dropping by for the evening do, I really say Instant Tan Finishing Gloss is your weapon of choice. Your outfit is possibly more on the party side so you can add a glossy sheen for the luxurious, fashion look.

Finally, think about your outfit – if it is strapless or backless, avoid marks by going braless if you can and if wearing strappy shoes, wear flip flops after your tan.


Talk to the St Tropez team at The National Wedding Shows this spring to get the perfect tan.