Ring cushions reinvented with Confetti.co.uk

Ring cushions are a traditional wedding ceremony accessory, but in recent years they’ve grown less popular. They’re dated, and many couples have lost interest in them. So this season Confetti.co.uk have remade them into beautiful, contemporary designs. These are ring cushions reinvented.

Above: Burlap Chic Ring Cushion
Confetti.co.uk is bringing a stunning modern take on ring cushions, a classic wedding ceremony accessory. Not only does our gorgeous shop range include the time-honoured cushions, but now we’re offering clever alternatives too that are right on trend: decorative metal plates and boxes, cushions that have a magnificent vintage twists and unique, stylish design.

Above: Pocket Size Wooden Wedding Ring Box | Miniature Antique White Metal Ring Tray | Monogram Simplicity Acrylic Personalised Wedding Ring Box Alternative

Above: Vintage Wedding Ring Cushion with Ornamental Frame | Sensational Floral Ring Cushion

These alternatives are wonderfully versatile, suitable for all tastes—for him and for her!— and themes, and perfect for use after your wedding as a keepsake. Confetti.co.uk aim to bring a wonderful twist to this classic wedding accessory.

Above: “Notable” Personalised Ring Cushion with Wedding Date Design | Small “Honorary Pageboy” Pillow for Dogs