Should you elope?

If you’re beginning to eat, breathe and sleep wedding planning and you’re feeling stressed out about who to invite (or who not to invite in some cases). If  you’re beginning to struggle to make decisions and you want to save money, maybe you should ask yourself whether an elopement would be the best thing for you.

If you do decide that an elopement is a better option, you could consider having a ceremony that’s just the two of you (and your witnesses of course!) and  throw a reception party afterward for  your close friends and family. You could also hire a photographer to take  post-ceremony photos of the two of you that you will be able to share along with your wedding announcement. Alternatively, the photographer can take post-ceremony photos at the reception as well as photos of the two of you alone.

When I used to  hear the word “elopement”, the first thing that  used to come to my mind was  a couple getting married in a sudden or secretive fashion because they wanted to avoid parental or religious objections. I used to  automatically think of a scenario where the groom would stand outside the bride’s bedroom  window with a ladder and the bride would quietly sneak out of her bedroom window,  slide down the ladder and they would both run away together in order to  get married and never return.

Today, when clients mention the word “elopement”, I think of a small and intimate wedding experience which allows more emphasis to be placed on the commitment between the couple as well as close family and friends. According to statistics, 91% of millennials that are planning on  getting married  would consider eloping, and three out of five previously married millennials would elope if they had to do it all over again.

Just remember, if you do decide to elope now, consider making plans to have an all out  10 year vow renewal ceremony!

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