Strong, individual, playful, powerful, breath taking: TNWS Interview with Ian Stuart Bride

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We were lucky enough to catch up with renowned bridal wear designer Ian Stuart this week to find out all about the latest collection and what’s hot for 2016…


Where do you draw your main inspiration?

I’ve always found inspiration in historical costume. I sense designers were more creative in a time with no mass media, trends, or need to mass produce their work. When I see a genuine costume in a museum, I’m amazed at the craftsmanship, care and detail. I aim to evoke the same sense of wonder in my designs.   

 What are your 3 favourite dresses from the latest Ian Stuart Collection, Runway Rebel?


Riviera: because if the exquisite draping


 Summertime: because of the gorgeous multi coloured embroidery


 Vanderpump: because of the sexy diva silhouette and oversized bow (I am a gay man!)

 What are your top tips to brides-to-be’s who are trying on bridal wear for the first time?

Be open minded with the shape. Try one dress of each silhouette, so you can feel and see what your figure looks like. Don’t eliminate anything before you’ve tried it on, no matter what your body concerns. I see so many brides choose the shape they never thought they would wear because of a savvy consultant insisting they ‘try it on’  

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 You have recently opened an Ian Stuart flagship store in London, can you tell us more about this?

I’ve been surprised how much I LOVE having my own store. I spend as much time there as possible, because I’m finding inspiration in the brides and MOB’s that come through the doors. I really enjoy helping them customise dresses, it’s creatively challenging but utterly rewarding,  I’ve just finished making a beaded lace covering for a lady with a broken arm! 


 Where is it?

The store is located on the corner of Buckingham gate and Caxton Street in Victoria, London. A listed building amidst a modern metropolis, it’s off the beaten track, a true destination shop, and that’s what makes it so special.  

 What are your top trends to look out for in bridal 2016?

Big dresses are definitely coming back. I see brides willing to embrace the flamboyance, and indulge in a big gown for their wedding day. The recession definitely discouraged brides from doing that, but now that things have turned around, so have the attitudes towards being fabulously ostentatious.

 What else can we expect from Ian Stuart in 2016?

I want to be an ambassador for the big dress trend!

 Who would be your dream client to work with?

For bridal, it would be Adele. She is a beautiful spokesperson for the fuller figured woman, and would inspire brides with a similar shape to embrace their curves, especially for their big day. It honestly breaks my heart to see brides desperate to slim down, when they look perfect exactly as they are.

 For MOB it would absolutely be Sophia Loren. She is the epitome of elegance, beauty and style, and she has that diva magic which I love.  

 Finally, if you had to describe the Ian Stuart wearing bride in 5 words what would they be?

Strong, individual, playful, powerful, breath taking.

 #TNWS x

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