Style And The Bride- Style Tips From Real Brides

 If you are busy planning your wedding and are overwhelmed with tips and advice from friends and family, take a step back and relax. Organising your big day is undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences of your life, but it can also be very stressful. Which type of dress should you go for? Should you choose a bridal gown with sleeves if you are getting married in winter? These are the types of questions you are probably asking yourself as we speak.

Marina Licht of luxury wedding blog, Style & the Bride, believes the best advice often comes from real brides.

She caught up with some recent newlyweds to ask them for their style tips.

Clairegill flettclairecouplegillflett

Claire.( Photograph by Gill Flett)

Claire married Jon on the 11th April 2015 at the British Academy in London.

 “I resisted the urge to try on any gowns until we selected our venue and date and I would advise brides-to-be to do the same. We picked a central London venue in April, which helped me to narrow down my dress selection. I knew I wanted a dress that was appropriate for a city wedding (slim fitting and easy to walk between the venue for our ceremony and reception). I think it is incredibly important for brides not to fall in love with a style of dress before they have chosen their wedding venue.

 It is also important that your dress needs to suit your body shape, but also suits the occasion and the time of year. As we were getting married in April, I knew there was a possibility that the weather could be cool, so bare shoulders and exposed back were ruled out.

Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography

Kate  (Photograph by Douglas Fry

Kate married Tom on the 23rd May 2015 in Stamford, Lincolnshire

 “When it comes to your wedding shoes, it is vital that you feel comfortable. I would recommend wearing blister plasters even if you think your shoes wouldn’t cause you problems (better be safe than sorry). What worked well for me was changing into a fresh pair of heels in the evening that were half a size bigger than my normal size. They fitted like a dream on my (by then) rather swollen feet. I was ready to dance the night away!”

charlotte weddingcharlotte bride

 Charlotte (Photograph by Jessica Raphael)

Charlotte married John at Redhouse Barn in Worcestershire on the 21st August 2015

“ My main tip would be not to rush trying to find your wedding dress and settle on buying a gown because you can’t find the exact one you always imagined you would have. After trying on many dresses and not finding the perfect one, I found a bridal wear boutique in Stourbridge called ‘Petticoat Boutique.’ I realised that they offered a bespoke service, so I was able to completely plan and design my dream wedding dress, choosing the fabric the type of lace, bed work, buttons and exact shape that I wanted. It was very exciting seeing the progress of the dress at different stages.

katy-and-james jessica raphaelkaty-and-james

Katy  (Photograph by Jessica Raphael)

Katy married James on the 13th August 2015 at Dodford Manor in Northampton

 “Many people told me to wear my hair up and I did lots of brides on the Internet and in magazine with beautiful up do’s, but I knew that this wasn’t me. I almost always have my hair down. I decided to go with a Grecian style and have my hair plaited from the front and falling down at the back.”