Ten Ways to Treat Your Bridesmaids from UKBride

Your bridesmaids are your go-to girls, your handy helpers and your shoulders to cry on so they need to be made to feel special at your wedding.

If you don’t respect your bridesmaids, they won’t respect you and you’ll forever be known as ‘bridezilla.’

UKbride have ten top tips on how you may be able to go about this!


 Propose to your bridesmaid! The best way to make your bridesmaid feel special is to ask her in a clever way. We’re not telling you to get down on one knee…but it’s nice to ask her with a gift or announce it at a restaurant. You don’t have to spend too much on this and you’re giving your bridesmaids a similar feeling you had when your beau proposed.

  1. The golden rule with bridesmaids is to take them with you when you decide to choose their dresses. We come in all shapes and sizes so if a bridesmaid thinks she doesn’t look right in the dress or doesn’t suit it, she’s going to be made to feel uncomfortable all day. We would also advise you to allow your girls to contribute – that way you have more choice when it comes to picking a dress and you’re not limited by the price. If you’re mixing and matching dresses, even better!
  2. Most groups of bridesmaids are split in half; the bride’s side and the groom’s side. Don’t let this happen! You want to bring the whole group together so make sure you introduce them all to each other and it may be worth organizing little get-togethers before the wedding so go bowling, go for a meal, have a house party or anything like that to bring everyone closer.
  3. A thank you gift for your bridesmaids needs to be personal. Flowers aren’t as special as something you’ve remembered she said she’d love. And if she hasn’t mentioned anything in particular, maybe get a gift that’s related to the wedding day or something to wear to the wedding.
  4. Let them help you. As a bride-to-be planning your wedding, you can get very stressed. They’ll appreciate you asking them for your help and asking them for advice. They’ll also feel more like they’re fulfilling their role as bridesmaid, which is important.
  5. Once you’ve planned the day to a tee, have an evening with your bridesmaids and have everything you’ve organised written out. This way, they can feel fully prepared and will know exactly how the day will go. The last thing you want is for you to be bossing them around on the day so let them know everything they’re going to be doing so they’re just as prepared as you are.
  6. Feed them! It may seem like a silly thing to think about but organize nice little snacks and drinks throughout the day like champagne in the morning with a bacon sandwich and perhaps something to eat just before the wedding. It’s the least you can do and they’re bound to get hungry and so are you!
  7. When your planning tables, think about where they would want to sit not where you would want to put them. Put them with family or their other halves and don’t let them feel awkward next to someone they don’t know. They’ve spent the whole day with you and they haven’t seen their families all day so give them a little time to themselves. Besides, you’ll be as happy as you can be next to your husband.
  8. Thank every single one of them individually with a big hug and perhaps the thank you gift if you haven’t already given them one. It’s likely you’ll be jetting off on your honeymoon sooner or later so straight after the reception is the best time to do it. You may want to thank them all in detail in a speech but it’s also nice to do this individually; it’s a little more personal.
  9. Have fun! Overall, the best thing for you to do is to make sure they have fun. If you put yourself in their shoes, the best thing to take home would be – alongside the formal pictures –  goofy, silly posed pictures and good memories! That’s why photo booths can be a great idea as they add a certain silliness for not only your bridesmaids but all of your guests.



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