The Beauty of Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings have fast become something that we get asked a lot about – So we thought we would share with you the experiences of  Chris Denner of Artisan X Wedding Photography, a Birmingham based photographer:

‘All of the images used in this post are from 2020 weddings that fall into the “Micro Wedding” theme. All were completed with restrictions to 15 guests, facemasks, and a long list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” and one-way systems.

Each was brilliant. Each was an adventure.

Firstly I’ve always believed that weddings should be about two people. The rest can be a lot of noise, fantastic noise, definitely exciting noise, but still noise that can distract from the intimacy of the day. Any distraction away from the couple should be treated with care. Weddings aren’t a circus.

As someone who does a lot of elopement photography I`ve always enjoyed the idea of you two against the world, having your own adventure, so I`ve always found intimate weddings attractive.

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So, that is why I find myself loving shooting weddings with limited numbers of people.

I know 2020 weddings have not been such a great experience (terrible actually) but there is an elegance to stripping everything back and keeping it simple. We can always party in 2021 ( boy are we going to party or what? )

So that said let us get into micro-weddings and what you should consider. Firstly I`m very transparent with my Micro Weddings package, and I advise all couples to be honest with themselves and their suppliers as to their expectations. I offer a base four-hour package, with options to add hours as clients need them. This enables us to stay fluid and flexible on the day.

A recent example of this was Prim & Vish`s wedding In December where we went for a portrait session after the wedding ceremony at Leicester’s Bradgate Park, and we`d allocated 90 minutes for the session but the weather was so good we decided to stay longer and really enjoy ourselves!

It really worked for me as I love shooting Portraits, and usually on the wedding day these can sometimes be quite rushed, but with Micro Weddings, we have plenty of time and you`ll get plenty of opportunities to chat with your wedding guests!

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And that brings me to another point. The guests at your wedding really want to be there. They want to be there! They are one hundred percent on your team.

Micro Weddings are beautiful. Intimate. Bespoke and incredibly special. Weddings in 2020 became about so much more than the party.

And I feel we`re so much stronger for that.’


If you are planning on having a micro-wedding, you can check out his website and reach out to Chris Denner of Artisan X Photography via email