The Beauty of Multiway Bridesmaids’ Dresses

When it comes to choosing bridesmaids’ dresses, there’s no denying that the traditional option of all the bridesmaids wearing the same dress can be limiting, expensive and potentially overwhelming for a bride that is trying to please her closest individuals.

What is a multiway dress?

Multiway dresses can be simply transformed and worn in various ways, allowing each bridesmaid to choose a look that beautifully flatters her body shape and allows her to feel comfortable and showcase her style for the big day. The top of the dress can easily be adjusted to create different necklines and sleeves for the bridesmaids to feel comfortable in their gowns with a matching bandeau for added support.

What makes a multiway dress popular for weddings?


The beauty of multiway bridesmaids’ dresses lies in their versatility and inclusivity. Each bridesmaid can choose a style that suits her best and accentuates her best features. For example, a bridesmaid with a pear-shaped figure can choose to tie the skirt in a way that cinches at the waist and flows out over the hips, while a bridesmaid with an hourglass figure can choose to tie the skirt to hug her curves. Our bridesmaids dress shop experts can talk through your options and demonstrate the various ways to style these materials.

Cost-friendly dresses

Finding your own dream dress as a bride, let alone your entourage, can be daunting and lead to impulse purchasing. Consequently, it can become an expensive mistake to purchase bridesmaid dresses that can’t take any bodily changes or any other factors into consideration, altering the uniformity you are looking for and racking up the spend. Our incredible multiway dresses are interchangeable, so you can experiment with different styles on your bridesmaids to understand what you like and don’t like, minus the need to purchase gowns you go on to dislike closer to the wedding day.

Colour & Material

Our multiway dresses are available in a wide array of colours, with something to suit everyone. Whether you envision a matching colour scheme or seek tones that will seamlessly fit together we can create your dream vision that will effortlessly complement the wedding aesthetic you wish for. Looking good doesn’t have to come with discomfort, all our gowns are made with the finest quality materials, luxuriously soft spandex jersey material that flows very naturally from the waist guarantees to keep your girls happy for the special day.