The Hottest Wedding Floral Trends for 2019

We spoke to Sarah Liversedge, Floral Designer and owner of The Petal Shop, for her take on what’s hot for the 2019 floral wedding scene.

2018 has been another incredible year for wedding florals. High impact, statement floral installments are dominating the wedding scene; from floral arches to monumental centrepieces, stylish brides are also opting for extra large unstructured bridal bouquets. And the recurring theme: lashings of gorgeous greenery and foliage.

High impact floral design is no longer exclusively for the rich and famous and doesn’t have to cost the earth. It seems no wedding is complete without it! It has become more and more obtainable for those wishing to create an ‘experience’ for their guests on their big day, and provide that memorable breathtaking backdrop for those professional wedding photographs. The natural ambiance flowers and foliage create within a room is phenomenal.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any more intensely fabulous, here’s what 2019 has in store:

Hanging Florals

Think million pound mansion chandelier, but with breath-taking draping florals and foliage. An incredible statement piece to suspend over the ceremony area or above the tables, as a floral hoop or heavy garland.
Hanging floral hoop

Bringing The Outside In

2018 has been so hot for the greenery and rustic wedding styles, and this is only set to rise for 2019, as stylish couples opt for heavy foliage around their venues and within their bouquets, all tailored to their own style and venue. Woodland, rustic, English country garden, exotic, earthy, Mediterranean, the foliage and greenery options are endless!

Brighter, Deeper Shades of Florals

Not necessarily following one colour theme, but using an array of intense floral colour throughout the whole wedding is another increasingly popular choice for couples which is set to rise for 2019. And it ties in beautifully with an abundance of foliage.

Bright florals


If a colour theme is on the menu, then purple is set to be the one! With its amazing array of shades, from soft lavender to intense deep dahlias, it is an absolute classic and we’re so excited to see it making a come back.


Will this be the flower of 2019? We think so! It’s intense colouring, fullness, and outright beauty puts it in good stead to win centre stage. And with its incredible deep purple variety, it can’t lose!

Purple dahlia

Silver & Chrome

Complementing those intense floral colours and high impact foliage, silver and chrome accessories are set to be sought after for 2019.

Floral Hoops

Be it suspended from ceilings or used in place of bouquets, the aesthetic appeal of the circle is undeniable.
Floral hoop bouquet

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