The Importance of Staying True to your Priorities

A Wedding Day is magical for all involved, but most of all for YOU: the happy couple!

A word of warning however, it is super-easy to get carried away when planning your Wedding… So, our first advice in our ‘The Importance Of…’ series is: Stay True to Your Priorities.

As Rock’n’Roll Brides say in an article on Wedding Planning:

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to have everything Pinterest-perfect and focus on what really matters to the two of you.


What we suggest prioritising:

The Date of your Wedding
The Venue and its location
Your Budget
Wedding Insurance
Your Budget

If your number one priority is money, and how much your wedding is going to be, start by forming a budget. And the important bit, do your best to stick to it. All the offshoots of your budget (such as your dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, décor, transport to/from the venue, etc.) need to be thought of too, but the biggest expensive is most likely to be your venue hire.


This brings us onto another priority…

The Venue

We’re going to be going into more detail about searching for your perfect Wedding venue in a later post, but we can’t not remind you of how at The Wellbeing Farm, you have exclusive venue access, so your day is 100% personal and intimate.

The Date

No Wedding can take place without a date being set. If you have a date in mind, this can be very helpful for a Wedding venue as they can do their best to get you your desired date. If you’re after a venue like ours, packed with personality and originality, and your date isn’t available, we do our upmost to get you the next closest date.

Wedding Insurance

Do not overlook this, it’s something you should 100% prioritise.

The Verdict…

Reminding yourself of your priorities will help reduce any Wedding stress, and designing yourself a cute Priorities Checklist (or check some of these out on Pinterest) will totally help!

Once you’ve booked your date and sorted your venue out, everything starts moving a lot quicker and your plans really start to take shape.

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