The Little Top Tips for Small wedding guests

This is arguably one of the most asked about bridal dilemmas, how to keep children entertained at a wedding? Many couples planning weddings with little guests on the list often get into a panic that the kids will be bored silly, resulting in driving their parents crazy and generally running around and causing mayhem!  Be prepared and  ensure you have lots of child-friendly activities for a stress-free reception for both the parents and the couple.  See The Little Top’s six tips got small wedding guests. 


1. Have a children’s area or den

A kid’s area is a great place to give them their own space -we find by the end of any event the adults are getting pretty stuck in, too! Our little top tents are perfect as they keep mess and toys contained and away from the rest of the wedding- we can also style them in your wedding colours.

summerwedgirls 2. Know your audience

Work out the age/ sex of children coming to your event and try to make sure you have some ideas and entertainment to suit them. Younger children love dress ups and music, older boys need sports or outdoor games, and older girls love art and crafts.

INSIDE 3. Entertainment

It’s a long day for small children, and they tend to get restless when not given something new or exciting to do. We work with amazing balloon modellers, face painters, circus skills workshops and even a magician with a real white rabbit! For smaller budgets, we create wedding survival kits- boxes filled with toys, games and treats to keep little ones busy during ‘the grown up bits’.

  partystable4. Let them be free!

Children love to run around and blow off  steam- they will also be much more likely to sit still when needed if they are a bit worn out! A fancy dress relay race, a dancing competition, a scavenger hunt or a spot of limbo.

  princess5. Treats

It’s a party! Set up a film with popcorn, book an ice cream van or give them biscuits and icing pens to decorate whilst you enjoy the speeches and champagne.

 6. Set expectations for parents

Mur ake sure yoinvites are clear about whether children are invited, and whether any childcare or entertainment will be available. We now set up sleepover dens with films, hot chocolate and storytime until 1am, or can babysit onsite, and also offer hangover childcare from 8am to give parents a much needed lie in!

To find out more tiny top tips, head over to see the team at The Little Top at London Olympia Stand G35