Your path to a luxury, sustainable wedding dress

Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is popular than ever and consumers are more
conscious when adding new clothes to their wardrobes. With this increase on
sustainability, some brides-to-be turn to renting services, others buy pre-loved dresses, but
those options may not be suitable to everyone.

Another way of dressing more sustainably is to have tailored or custom-made clothes.
What might seem like old school and super expensive, can be actually entertaining, fast
and quite affordable.

Dressarte Paris is reshaping tailoring business by bringing the whole process online. It is
the first sustainable virtual atelier that produce clothes according to clients’ body
measurements, but also according to the designs created together with clients.

Dressarte Paris encourages women to express their style, identity, and self-confidence by
allowing them to modify or create designs and adapt the clothes to their own body

How exactly does it work?

Everything starts with a simple questionnaire that clients fill in on the website indicating
their preferences for style, fabrics, budget but also their body shapes as it will allow to offer
the most suitable designs.

Once the form is submitted, Dressarte stylists and designers create sketches of unique
beautiful dresses that can be tailored especially for a client in a family-owned ethical

“We want it to be a unique experience, so we update our clients of every stage of
production, sharing pictures and videos of the process,“ – says Nathalie, founder of Dressarte Paris.

When it comes to fabric selection, Dressarte has a wide choice of sustainable luxury
surplus fabrics sourced from France and Italy to offer to their clients. For those who want
to touch the materials before proceeding with the order, the company sends fabrics

Unique online based concept makes tailoring not only unbelievably convenient and fun,
but also quite affordable. While it takes around 14 days to produce a dress, it’s advisable
to start working on a project at least 2-3 months before The Big Day.

This might be a good opportunity for you to meet Dressarte team at G30, learn more about the process and why not start designing your unique dress with them?