Tips and Advice for the Petite Bride

We understand it can be difficult and challenging to find the perfect wedding dress if you a petite and/or quite slim, so we are here to help!

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We want to make this simple, so here is what you need to know

  1. Bias cut dresses can give a great slim silhouette figure for a petite bride
  2. You can still consider the ball gown look, just be careful with skirt fullness – in your case less is more
  3. An A-line dress is great because it is not so huge to make you look even smaller and it is not uncomfortable or a burden on a warm day or at an outside wedding
  4. Be careful with the Two-piece wedding dresses, you want lengthening look that will not cut you in half and make you appear shorter
  5. Avoid drop waist, high necklines and extra-long trains, also heavy materials or too much embellishments, ruffles and volume
  6. A column dress most definitely shows off every curve and looks wonderful on slim women of any height
  7. If you have a modest bust a deep neckline would be flattering or an open back is also a very good feature
  8. You may want to start your search earlier and be prepared to have your dress custom made, as it is very likely.

…and something you should never forget – accept and love your body! You may have heard that a hundred times, but it is a must and it is where everything starts! Good luck!


These great tips have come to you by Finiks London.