Top 5 reasons for wedding insurance claims

A common response from many engaged couples who are first confronted with the idea of wedding insurance can be “why we would we want that?” – it’s a good question, so we’ve crunched some stats and made them more digestible in our Most Frequent Wedding Insurance Claims infographic. Given that this is based on the most common things claimed for, the results might really surprise you!


What are the biggest expenses for a wedding?

If you have a look at the Average Wedding Costs section in the infographic below you can see that venue hire and catering come out as the two most expensive outlays for the actual day. Wedding insurance can cover both of these right down to small things that can be lost like rings or delicate things like wedding dresses and wedding presents.

Surely it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that it would be the smaller things that could get lost or delicate items that could get damaged that make up more of the claims? Let’s take a look the figures – and you’ll notice that the stats are quite different depending on whether you are getting married in the UK or Overseas.

The Top 5 causes for UK wedding insurance claims

Would you believe that nearly half of claims for UK weddings are for supplier deposits and wedding cancellation or rearrangement? This includes the big expenses like venue hire and catering. That’s either a comforting thought or scary one depending on whether  you have insured your big day!

The Top 5 causes for Overseas wedding insurance claims

How do the figures look for those couples getting married abroad? Well the good news is that wedding attire seems to be proportionally safer! But the big changes are that photography or video related claims come joint top with wedding cancellation or rearrangement making up exactly 50% of claims.

Wedding rings jump up the rankings to joint third at 17% of claims, although this is perhaps understandable given that they are small and there is a lot of travelling and lots of luggage – perhaps they are just easy to misplace.

The conclusion?

To those who ask why they need wedding insurance, you might say that it’s especially because wedding insurance offers protection for some of the really big wedding expenses.

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