Top 5 Wedding Planning Timing Tips

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Here are 5 top wedding day timings tips that are a need to know for your wedding planning! Most couples know what they want for their day but they don’t know when so allow Kelly Anne Weddings to guide you through the process and give you a helpful insight of what you should be doing and when!

Top Tip 1 – What time should you put on your wedding invitations?

When it comes to your wedding invitations, there are 110 things to thing about of what to say and what not to say so let Kelly Anne break it down… First things first, ALWAYS put the time you want your guests to arrive, not what time the ceremony is. If you just put the ceremony start time, you can guarantee that the majority of your guests will arrive at that time which will result in making you late for the registrars. Kelly Anne suggests that you asks your wedding guests to attend at least 30minutes prior to the ceremony, this will then allow time for guests to use the facilities, find their seats and be ready for you to walk down the aisle!

Top Tip 2 – When is the best time to do your first dance?

Everybody loves a party right? So you want to ensure that you do not have your first dance too early as this will effect what time your guests will leave! If you are having a summer wedding, remember that you will have sunlight up until around 9.30pm at night therefore you do not want to have your first dance any earlier than 7.30pm/8.00pm as the sun will still be shining and your guests will not want to get hot and sweaty on a dancefloor, they will likely be outside soaking up the last bit of sun. If you get them on the dancefloor too early they will start flagging early! If you are having a winter wedding then this will not affect you as it will start getting dark a lot earlier.

Top Tip 3 – What time should the Bride be ready for and why?

The perfect time aim to be ready for is 45 minutes/1 hour before the ceremony. The morning of your wedding will fly by and the last thing you want to do is feel rushed so aim to be ready earlier. Many brides want first look photos with their dads/father figure as well as bridesmaids photos and lets not forget you still need to leave time to physically walk to the ceremony and get in position.

Top Tip 4 – When is bed time?

All couples want to make the most out of their day but don’t kill yourself trying to be the last one standing. Newly weds want to end their day on a high so call it quits by midnight and end the night with everyone on the dancefloor having one last boogie together. Sometimes if you push the night to the early hours of the next morning, you may find yourselves too drunk, too emotional and too tired and you will regret ending your night with only 10 drunk guests on the dancefloor. End the night with how you want to remember it.

Top Tip 5 – When is the best Ceremony time for Summer & Winter weddings?

Remember in the summer the days get longer and in winter they get shorter with the sunlight so this will have an impact on what time you choose to do your ceremony. Another thing to consider is how many bridesmaids you are having and the length of time you have to all get ready as you don’t want to rush the morning. A nice time to marry in Winter is around 12.00pm – 1.00pm and Summer 1.30pm – 2.30pm.

As you can see, timings are super important during the wedding planning process and hope that these 5 tips help you layout your day. Having a Wedding Planner will help organise these timings and make sure that you make the most out of the day without stress so why not look into hiring someone who can help mange this for you. If not, allocate a close friend or family member to clock watch and keep you on track to having the best day possible!

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