Top Bridal Trends with Madison James

 The wedding dress always has been and always will be one of the most important areas of the brides big day! Whether you are open to the latest bridal trends or you want to opt for something more classic and traditional.

Bridal Designer Madison James has the dress for you! Here are our burning questions that we couldn’t wait to ask Madison James!

These are their insights in to the top bridal trends for 2017 and what designs you can expect to see in their latest and upcoming collections. 


1) What do Madison James think will be the most fashionable styles of dresses for 2017 Brides?

We foresee brides sticking to the classics, while adding a unique touch of their own — perhaps a ballgown with delicate, eye-catching embroidery or a strapless mermaid silhouette featuring unusual textures.

2) Name four of the bridal trends for 2017

Open, dramatic and embellished backs aren’t going away anytime soon. Brides want to make an impact on both sides of the aisle, and as cathedral-length trains have dwindled, the dramatic back has taken its place as the showstopping detail for many wedding dresses.

Another popular trend for 2016, although we hesitate to call it a trend because it’s so classic, is the prevailing mermaid silhouette. It hugs your curves and gives every bride the sophisticated glamour they want for their wedding day. This silhouette is perfectly at home as a simple, unadorned gown or can be covered in crystals to create all the drama your heart desires.

Many brides love the form-fitting wedding dress — for sculpted satin to highlight their curves. But we’re also seeing a rapid increase in softer silhouettes, not only in shape but in texture. Multilayered tulle skirts are part of this more ethereal trend, offsetting the more structured bridals gowns of the past decades.

Lace will never go out of style, but we’re modernizing the look with laser-cut designs for several of our pieces.

The resulting look is elegant but has a unique edge, which is perfect for brides who want to make

their own subtle statement.


3) Which styles in our 2017 reflect these trends?

Our favorite dramatic backs of the season can be seen on MJ270, MJ271 & MJ201

If you’re searching for a gorgeous mermaid silhouette, look no further than MJ204, MJ213 and MJ252

If soft tulle and an ethereal silhouette is what you seek, try on MJ217 and MJ209.

Lace is gorgeous, but if you want a bit more of a modern vibe for your special day, we suggest styles MJ155, MJ2257 and MJ212.

MJ collage 2Allure bridal collage 1

4) What makes Madison James stand out as a fashion forward brand?

We aren’t afraid of embracing trends at Madison James. We welcome the refreshing change of pace a new fabric or silhouette can bring to bridal fashion. The Madison James brand never abandons its roots in gorgeous, traditional bridalwear — but we know that being bold is fun. And we want our brides to have as much fun as we do!


For the latest styles don’t miss us on the Catwalk or on our stands at the Manchester, Birmingham and London National Wedding Shows, where,  J&J Designs and Great Expectations Bridal will be able to help you find dream Madison James dress!