Top Ten Tips for Buying Your Veil

You’re elated, you found THE Gown. Now what about the veil? Suddenly something you’d never really considered, turns into a minefield. What length, what fabric, to embellish or keep it plain? Whether or not you buy from us at Unveiled by Sophie, here are our top ten tips to help you along the way!

1. Colour
This should be straight forward – usually it’s white or ivory! We recommend using a sample card and holding it against your dress in natural light


2. Length
What do you want out of your veil? Do you want to wear it all night? If you do, a short one is perfect. Or, do you want super dramatic photos, but to ditch it after? If that’s the case, a cathedral length has your name on it. There are many lengths in between, but working out what you want from your veil is a great place to start


3. Single or Double
Are you covering your face? If so you’ll need a double. For a sleeker look, a single layer is a great option. Undecided? I’d go for a double – it means you can choose if to cover your face on the day


4. Decoration
My general rule is, if you have a simple dress, go more dramatic on the veil – like Megan did. This could be lace, pearls or a bit of sparkle. Conversely, if you have an embellished dress, it’s nice to go for simplicity, so they’re not competing. Of course this is just my opinion! You could be like my mum whose mantra is ‘more is more!’


5. Order in advance
A surprising number of brides come to me last minute. Just last month, I had a bride who contacted me on a Thursday for a Sunday wedding. She got her perfect veil, but save yourself the additional cost and tick it off your list!


6. How heavy
Despite their airy look, if you go for the full shebang with a beaded cathedral veil, it’s going to be heavier than you think. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it, but make sure you have a sturdy hair style


7. Drop veils
It essentially means there’s no comb. We rarely sell them because they’re a hassle for the bride or hairdresser. If you’re going for one, we recommend doing a Kate Middleton – have it attached to a tiara so it stays put!


8. Setting
Think about where you’ll be on the day. I had a bride recently who had a 5 metre veil in a stunning cathedral. Move over Priyanka Chopra! The setting warranted a dramatic veil. If you’re going for a boho wedding in a field, something shorter is ideal – it won’t collect up twigs!

9. Get it early
It’s really useful to have your veil for your hair trials. Buying it early means you don’t have to try and incorporate it on the day

10. Storage
We always provide our veils boxed in acid free tissue paper. If you have a long veil it’s useful to have a hanging bag, which minimizes the creases. Top Tip – A few days before the wedding leave your veil in the bathroom. The steam will help the last few creases drop out!

I always think, without a veil you’re just a girl in a white dress. Add a veil, and you’re a Bride.


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