Top Tip – Make sure your guests last the distance!

You have so much to think about when planning your day but there is one part that often gets overlooked. This part it vital to your guests and that can make or break the success of your evening wedding reception.

Picture the scene – it’s been a long, amazing day and your guests are looking a little bleary eyed from the flowing champagne and some may have even had one tipple too many in all the excitement. Energy levels can drop as the evening progresses, particularly for guests who have been there all day. Some brides make the mistake of only focusing on the wedding breakfast and the evening food gets forgotten or not given much thought, leading to disappointment from guests.

IMG_7825 (2)

Top tip 1- Make sure your guests have delicious, filling evening food to soak up the booze and give them the energy to bust some moves on the dance floor with you and your groom till the early hours. Make sure your photographer is also there later into the evening to capture those dancing moments once they have re-energised from your delicious evening food as those are often the best and most memorable pictures that Brides and grooms treasure.

Top tip 2 – During the day, take a step back and appreciate how lucky you are and that everyone there is there because they love you and your groom, that’s an incredible thing. Taking that step back to take it all in makes the day feel longer and even more memorable somehow.

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