Top Tips for Bespoke Bridal, by Zaeem Jamal

Buying your wedding dress is perhaps one of the most important wardrobe investments you will ever make, so it is important you get it right. Here at Zaeem Jamal, we are used to guiding brides through the process, to ensure they are happy with their dress at every step of the way. Here are some top tips:


  1. Know your designer. A good rapport with your design team is essential. It is important you feel comfortable with your designer, that they listen to you, understand what you are communicating, and can translate that into a perfect vision of your dress.
  2. Explore mood boards with your designer. Don’t be afraid to explore fabric samples, sketches and inspirations with your team.
  3. Know your time frames. Is your chosen team used to producing and delivering on time, every time? Can they communicate timelines for each stage of the process, and how do they communicate that to you at every step of the way?
  4. Be choosy with your fabrics. Your designer should understand which fabric will work best for your given design, however not all designers stock a wide range of samples, or work with particular fabrics. Ask to see fabric samples, and check which fabrics your team tend to work with most. Lace for example is quite a specialised fabric, and not every design house uses it well.
  5. Look at the previous work of your designer – especially the pieces they have created in the fabrics and styles you are drawn too.
  6. Choose a team with integrity. It is important you are confident they have your best interests at heart, are willing to listen to you and resolve any challenges proactively and well. Look for giveaways such as how much time they spend listening to you, versus how much time they try to tell you what they sell. Are they good at getting you to explore your options, and are they creative, inspired and excited about creating a piece with you for your big day.
  7. If you feel a designer is trying to ‘sell’ you a wedding dress, walk away. Good designers are busy, and don’t need to ‘sell’ anything – their work speaks for itself. Their job is to help you discover the vision of your perfect gown and to support, guide and inspire you at every step of the revelation. Good designers make beautiful dresses because it is their passion, pleasure and purpose to do so. Make sure your designer is still motivated by the wonder of the journey.
  8. Don’t rush into choosing a designer because they are well known. Fully explore a designer’s background, inspiration, ethics, and history before you jump in. There are some exceptional, innovative designers breaking onto the bridal scene, so make sure you explore the newcomers at shows as well as the tried and tested brands.
  9. Visit a good, well organised Bridal show for inspiration. The wedding market is booming, and the shows are a great place to meet new talent, connect with old favourites, and to see what is new. The National Wedding show is a must in the diary of any prospective bride.
  10. Have fun! This could be the most important dress you ever buy – so take your time to find it. Explore your options, play a little. Find a team who fill you with confidence, support and guide you and who make you smile, and most of all, it is your wedding, so choose with your heart!


Zaeem Jamal is an exquisite designer and you can meet him at The National Wedding Show in Manchester.

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