Top tips for Fusion Weddings

Planning any wedding can be difficult and multicultural / fusion weddings are no different. In fact you may even be faced with a few more tasks to deal with. So in order to stay sane, avoid all meltdowns and cultural faux pas. Here we have some top tips to keep in mind whilst on your unique planning journey from Asian Wedding Ideas. 

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Let’s Talk

Through the whole wedding planning process communication is essential. Talk about what traditions you would like to embrace for the wedding.

Include family in discussions this way you lessen the risk of any misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations later on. Take time out to listen to what everyone wants.

Oh and don’t forget yourselves, it’s so easy to think “we can deal with that when the time comes” but discussing factors like faith, finances, and even having children early on is important, so you both know where you stand.

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Tradition has it…

Many places of worship that accommodate ceremonies like synagogue, temples and churches have rules so find out beforehand if there is special one or guidelines to follow for your wedding. This will save lots of hassle later on.

If you are following any special wedding rituals or traditions, think of your guests that maybe unfamiliar with certain customs. Provide short programs that explain what’s going on, guests will be able to appreciate their symbolism; it’s also a great way to really get them involved.

Not only will they gain a better understanding, they will see the significance in your wedding. If you have a toastmaster entrust them to guide everyone with what is going on at each stage.

Sukhi Chandi from www.sukhichandi.comIt’s Party Time

Let’s not forget a wedding is really just one big awesome party and nothing brings people together like good food, music and dancing.

It’s super trendy to have fusion food at weddings right now. Mix it up and have food from both your backgrounds. Look for caterers you like and tell them your ideas and see what kind of menu they can come up with. For example you could have an English wedding breakfast and Indian evening buffet this way you would be providing food that both families will be able to eat and recognise. Starters and dessert tables are also a great way to introduce new food in bitesize portions

Hiring two bands may not fit into everyone’s budgets, but there are plenty of DJs that will play a mix of music to get everyone on the dance floor. Dancing is a fun ice-breaker, when it comes to your first dance, think about taking some traditional dance classes. Have fun with it.

Sukhi Chandi from www.sukhichandi.comPlan it!

Now is the time to create that check list, they say an organised bride is a stress free bride. This is true no matter what kind of wedding is being planned. Depending on what you decided to do you may have a number of events, could be two separate weddings, followed by a reception? Its all about whatever works best for you. Some brides even leave months between events.

Take on help either in the form of family and friends or even hired help like a wedding planner, one that has experience with fusion weddings is even better.

Remember to give yourself enough time not only to plan but on the big day itself to include all from both cultures. Just be careful not to have too much going on in one day.

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Don’t be surprised if you have both families pulling you both in different directions, this isn’t out of being mean, it’s usually just due to strong view points, and everyone wants their side represented. This is why it’s so important that you both keep a united front as a couple especially when talking with family members. Support each other’s ideas. Remember you’re on the same team and don’t forget why you’re doing this.

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Don’t worry too much if everyone isn’t 100% happy with your choices just do your best. Don’t lose your own individual style whilst trying to achieve the perfect fusion.You might want to forget the traditional rules around weddings and make your own!

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