Top Tips For Planning Your Wedding

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Here at Bespoke we have a team of staff who are all fully trained and specialise in their own areas. We have venue stylists, florists, stationers and event planners all on hand to help create your dream day and help you out with anything along your journey.

Tip Number 1: Choose your venue

The first step towards planning your day is to choose the perfect venue for you. Your venue needs to accommodate for all the things that are important to you. Every couple will have different needs and different aspects that are important to them so you will need to work this out for you and take this into consideration when viewing venues. Whether this is the option to get married at the venue on site, number capacity, having accommodation on site or whether this is down to the style and the decor of the venue, keep this in mind when looking round your options.

Tip Number 2: Choose your colour scheme first

We advise making sure you have your colour schemes in place before going for an appointment with your venue dresser/event planner to make this process as easy as possible when deciding what you want next. Take into account the colour of your venue and the style and ensure you pick a colour scheme that will work and not clash with anything. Also take into account the time of year you are getting married and ensure this is in keeping with this.

Tip Number 3: Choose your suppliers wisely

Make sure you do your research into the suppliers you want to choose to make sure they have good reviews, checking out their social media, speaking to people who have used their services beforehand to ensure you’ll be getting a good service and the company is reputable. Look at booking in your meetings with suppliers as early as you can so you can have as long to get to know them as possible to make sure you get on and that you get the best out of them. It is important that you have a good relationship with your suppliers as you will end up spending a lot of time with these people so you need to be the perfect fit. The best suppliers will also get booked up fast!

Tip Number 4: Create a vision board

Having a mood board of your ideas will help your venue dresser to bring your ideas to life. It ensures your vision comes across exactly how you want it to and that everyone all has the same ideas. This will also help you to collate all your ideas together and see where your own vision is going and help you to figure out the sort of things you are after and what is important and not important to you.

Tip Number 5: Budget

Ensure you know what budget you are working towards and be realistic with this and what you want to achieve within it. Know what you can afford to spend and what you’re happy to spend. 40/50% of your budget should be spent on your venue including your food and drink and the rest should be split and prioritised to what is important to you and allocated realistically. Working out which areas are important to you and knowing which areas you are happy to spend more on and which areas you don’t want to have such a high budget for will help you to do this and this will be personal to each couple. Be open to ideas and advice from your suppliers to help you to achieve your look within your set budget and create your dream wedding day. We recommend having plans in place should any unexpected costs occur somewhere along your wedding planning journey so that nothing has to change in your plans and your vision isn’t altered.

Tip Number 6: Be open to the option of silk flowers

Silk flowers are a great way to get the amazing look while still remaining affordable. Being open to the idea of silk flowers will help you to keep costs down while still achieving the wow effect with stunning displays. Silk flowers are a great way to secure the exact look you are after as artificial flowers are always in season! There will be no worries as to if your favourite flowers are out of season, allowing you to use whatever flowers you want.

Silk flowers also allow you the option to see your flower displays and bouquets before your big day to make sure you are 100% happy with them and make alterations if required.

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