Photographer Steven Mayatt gives us his ultimate top tips for ensuring you get the best photos on your wedding day!

So make note and make sure that you follow his expert tips to get the best wedding photographs that you will always love to look at!

Top Tip: On The Edge
Photography? Check. Video? Check. But what else? We live in a golden age of visual media with new technology on every horizon. Think about wearable cameras attached to your bouquet, drones to capture your full wedding party from above, or even 360 degree images to bring your special day back to life.

edit edge
Top Tip: Make It Yours
Don’t settle for the same images everyone else has – your wedding images should be your own and not a carbon copy of the last one booked into the same venue. Challenge your photographer to tailor something that fits your style, personality and desires.

make it count
Top Tip: The Camera Is On You
Not all brides and grooms love the extra attention of the camera on their wedding day. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer, as they’ll be more aware to keep you relaxed and adjust their shooting style to suit without sacrificing what they can deliver.

cameras on you
Top Tip: Be Visual
Communicating how you want your wedding photos to look is best done visually. Start a Pinterest board and pin all the wedding images you love. It’ll make the conversation about what you like much easier when it comes to selecting your chosen photographer.

be visual

Steven Mayatt Photography will be at The National Wedding Show this Autumn in London so make sure you visit him on Stand M41!