Top Tips For Using Petal Confetti at Your Wedding by Shropshire Petals

Capturing a memorable confetti shot to look back on and relive the fun and happiness of that very moment is a must. Follow our Top 6 Tips to help you get the best out of your confetti shot.


1. Check with your venue first

Ensuring you ask the venue’s permission before your wedding day will enable you to choose the right confetti. Petal confetti is the preferred choice for most churches and wedding venues across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. It’s biodegradable, so no one needs to clean up after your grand celebration, plus it’s not harmful to the environment, which is ideal if your venue has animals on the grounds.

2. Pick the right petal confetti

The best petals for getting a shower of confetti are delphiniums and wildflowers as they’re small, lightweight and fall delicately to the ground. Selecting these smaller petals will ensure your photographer has plenty of time to capture the all-important moment, and as the petals are little and dainty, they won’t hide your faces too. You can add a few rose or hydrangea petals to your confetti mix too, as these larger petals can add a burst of colour, but bear in mind they will fall quicker.


3. Order enough for your guests

Make sure to provide confetti for your guests; there is nothing worse than relying on your guests to bring their own, and finding out only your granny has a single handful between 100 guests. After many years of testing and throwing petal confetti, we find that 1 litre of petal confetti is enough for about 10-12 handfuls. So, if you’ve got 100 guests, 10 litres of petals will be enough for them all to throw and give you that complete shower of petal confetti. (It is always worth ordering a little extra just in case you find a mischievous uncle deciding to take more than one handful!)

4. Showcase your confetti

Displaying your confetti to your wedding guests can be so much fun, you can incorporate your wedding colours and theme into your confetti décor. If you’re having a rustic barn wedding, showcase your confetti in wicker baskets, or if you’re opting for a city wedding, personalised individual sachets are a total hit. From confetti cones to wands, sachets to baskets, you can get as creative as you feel, when it comes to your confetti shot.


5. Discuss the confetti shot with your photographer

Let your photographer know that the confetti shot is important to you as they will be able to offer some great insight and advice. Especially when it comes to the right location, timing, and how your guests should stand. They may suggest your guests make a confetti tunnel, a circle, or even a horseshoe shape (the options are endless).

The confetti moment traditionally happens when the newlyweds are exiting the ceremony, but this isn’t a must. Remember, it’s your day so you can have it when you like. We are seeing more and more couples opting for a second confetti moment in the evening, so the evening guests can get involved too! Confetti cannons have become increasingly popular, especially if you’re wanting to get an epic confetti photo with a smaller guests list.

6. Enjoy every moment

Finally, each and every moment of your wedding day is special for its very own reason, and your confetti moment should be no different.

If you’re walking down the aisle or through a tunnel of guests throwing confetti toward your wedding photographer, don’t forget to go slowly. This allows your photographer to capture your guests in action and get lots of confetti photos as you walk toward them.

Remember to smile, laugh together, stop and share a kiss. Enjoy this moment as you celebrate this new beginning.

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