Match Your Wine to Your Theme

                                     Picking the wine to serve at your wedding is an often overlooked detail, frequently relegated to a last minute panic of to-do list box checking. At Majestic Wine Calais we think that there are lots of ways for the modern couple of make the most of their wine choices, be you aficionados or novices. While what’s in the bottle is obviously always important, there is also a lot of scope to incorporate your choices into your wedding theme. After all, the devil’s in the detail, so we’ve outlined 5 of our top tips to get you started! Your guests will only be impressed that your choice of wine reflects your carefully thought out theme.

Echoing the colours of your wedding theme in the wine labels is a clever way to draw the details together. Plus, labels like this incredible turquoise Matua Sauvignon Blanc are bound to get compliments!

Image 1

Wine labels can be a subtle way to work a more ‘out there’ theme when combined with some quirky table decorations! Fiancé a superhero nut but you’d rather die than go full Marvel Comics? The kooky label of this Hey Malbec will bring a smile to his face – and it is absolutely delicious.

Image 2wine

For those who favour a traditional romantic theme, the Pasqua range of wines can create a real talking point over the wedding breakfast. The labels depict love notes inscribed on the wall below Juliet’s balcony in Verona.

Image 3

Want your wedding to be full of the details that make a statement about things you love as a couple? If you love the 1920s and everything Gatsby the retro simplicity of the Puy de Dome wine labels, inspired by vintage road signs, are a subtle hint to the age of cocktails, jazz and motorcars!

Image 4

It’s not as though people will need reminding why they’re there, but this Mr&Mrs pairing of wines, Mister Shiraz and Lady Sauvignon, will really hammer the point home. The zany colours are also a great choice for those who want their choice of wedding wine to be a stand out success!

Image 5Image 6

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Happy Drinking!