Modernized Traditions to Fit Your Big Day

It’s no secret that weddings today look much different than weddings twenty years ago. Every year new trends affect what decorations, themes, dresses and desserts are seen all season. Alongside these trends, classic wedding practices and traditions have evolved as well. There has never been a more diverse wedding circuit than there is today, and we’re excited to share a few ways to ensure your personality shines through for your big day. Consider these tweaks on tradition while planning your wedding this season!

1. Do a private “first look” before the ceremony

While superstition suggests that seeing your future spouse before you meet at the end of the aisle is bad luck, a lot of couples are choosing to leave that idea behind. To save time, pressure and publicity, modern couples have turned to having a private “first look” prior to walking down the aisle. Take a few minutes to enjoy an intimate moment together before the party begins.

2. Write your own vows

The exchanging of vows is one of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony. To make it even more personal, a lot of couples are writing and reciting vows they came up with themselves. This allows for more unique and personal commitments to promise one another in the presence of your loved ones.

3. Pick your engagement ring together

More and more couples are talking about marriage and openly preparing for this next stage of life together. If you’re one of those couples, consider going shopping for the engagement ring together. Communication is important in a relationship, and it’s just as important when choosing a ring that your spouse will wear for the rest of their life, so why wouldn’t you want their input?


4. Take photos before the ceremony

Along the same lines as saving time with the first look, a lot of couples to take the majority of their photos before the event begins. Not only does it save time and makeup touch-ups, this allows the newlyweds to spend more time with friends and family. Some couples do still enjoy saving these things for after the ceremony, and in this case a longer time between the ceremony and reception can reduce stress and trouble getting every shot.

5. A new kind of registry

With more and more couples living together and buying homes before marriage, alternate registry ideas are an increasingly more popular option. Some couples are still registering for traditional items, and many of these are universal lists including products from various stores and websites. As an alternative, other couples are asking guests for donations to their honeymoon fund or nonprofit organizations they feel connected to.

6. Leave the reception in style

Even if the couple is staying at the same hotel as most of their guests, making a grand exit at the end of the reception is a memorable highlight. Have some fun with planning, and consider incorporating guests by passing out sparklers or confetti poppers to make the exit a big send off.

We hope these ideas help make your wedding day a bit less hectic, and allow you to incorporate tradition in a way that suits your style!