Tricks of the Floristry Trade from Tiger Lily

TNWS supplier Tiger Lily give their best tips on how to pick your florist, your style and theme to create your fairy tale wedding day.

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Wedding theme

The theme of your wedding is the backbone around which you build the overall look of your day. As with every other aspect of the wedding, your wedding flowers are an opportunity to add an individual touch to your celebration or to include something meaningful.  The floral arrangements you choose help set the tone and style; from the wedding bouquet you carry down the aisle to the center pieces at the wedding breakfast table. Some of our brides’ inspiration for their theme comes from a favourite colour that would wriggle through the entire wedding, a season or even inspiration from favourite music and details like butterflies.

A great step in preparation is a collection of photos of floral arrangements, pictures of your wedding dress, theme ideas and anything else that you could possibly think of.


Seasonal, seasonal, seasonal!

Think seasonally in accordance with when your wedding will be. With the same seasonal approach you can create unique floral magic!  All of my brides fall head over heels in love with Pinterest, it will unleash your inner designer, so girls if you haven’t downloaded the app I suggest you do it straight away.

Finding your florist

The recommendation to make an appointment with the desired florist should be taken seriously so you are not left disappointed as some florists get booked a year in advance and all the best ones get booked quickly! Therefore, once you have set your wedding date, booked the ceremony, chosen a location and brought your wedding dress you should devote your time to finding a florist.

The first initial interview with your selected florist is very important. Try to think of your florist not just as a business arrangement but a friendly professional who is going to bring your big day to life. Throughout your consultation you should get to know one another,  if you feel you are not connected with that person and you don’t feel they fit your style and preferences move on with your search because if your florist doesn’t understand you they will not be able to achieve the final result you are after.


Wedding bouquet

When thinking about the appearance of your wedding bouquet keep in mind the model of your wedding dress as the bouquet and dress are in a tight connection. There are various styles and your florist should certainly give you the best recommendation for the final look! The image produced is in accordance with you, your preferences and the whole picture of your wedding day.


Keep cost down

There are plenty of tricks of the trade to keep costs down whilst still allowing for fabulous wedding flowers. A lot of couples don’t really have an idea of how much flowers are going to cost but it always a good idea to have a budget in mind. A good florist will help obtain your dream flowers as long as you remember to also be realistic. Don’t be surprised if your florist asks you about your financial budget for your wedding flowers at the first consultation, this helps every professional to adapt to your financial capabilities and create a design that will be compatible with you, your style and everyone’s satisfaction.

Flowers are the heart and soul of your wedding with the power to bring the day to life, and we absolutely love them!


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