Wedding Cake Trends with Sophie Cabot

Undoubtedly wedding cakes have become more elaborate and more extravagant over the years, but with new trends paving the way for wedding cakes designs, it seems that less is often more! Couples are choosing for a fresh, simpler designed naked wedding cake with less design work and more focus on flowers (and of course the taste) as the main decoration! Naked cakes are certainly not going anywhere fast! 

If you want additional treats alongside a delicious wedding cake; why not offer your guests edible wedding favors or edible place settings, the options are endless so get creative with your wedding day desserts and favors and choose something both you and your guests will love!

#TNWS exhibitor Sophie Cabot designs some of the most beautiful wedding cakes catering for everyone’s preferences! Sophie gives us her update of the latest cake trends and what her clients have previously chosen for their special day!


“Fondant covered, royal icing, sugarflowers, fresh flowers, handpainting, sugar modelling, naked cakes, semi-naked cakes, buttercream cakes, ganache covered cakes…the list is endless and the variations limitless. Whatever kind of wedding you are planning I can create the right cake to compliment and make your day even more memorable.

With so many options choosing the right kind of cake can be lots of fun but also a little daunting. I would always urge to keep things as simple and minimal as possible. Guaranteed this will turn a head. Less is always more!

cabot collage

Naked cakes are still very much a strong trend. With a gorgeous rustic look these cakes are a dream to decorate with beautiful fresh flowers, fruit and perhaps a little gold leaf sparkle. Do you have a particular colour theme to your wedding? Then why not have a coloured buttercream cake with a mass of stunning florals.

The fondant covered cake however is not going anywhere fast. With many more angles on how to decorate, the traditional covered cake is a wonderful choice. How about mixing it up with some sugarflowers and floral handpainting. Do you have something unique on your invitation, such as a logo or metallic edging? Why not include this on your cake. Brides also like to have certain elements of their wedding dress made into sugar, such as lace or ruffles.

cabot collage 2

As well as cakes, couples are also choosing to have personalised biscuits for their guests as their place settings. These can be a delicate and delicious table treat.

Don’t hesitate to come down and see me for a one to one chat and I would be delighted to help you choose the cake of you’re dreams!”

See more of Sophie Cabot’s fantastic wedding cakes at The National Wedding Show in London this autumn on Stand L50!